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Bioware proves it's all about the little things

The good:

Characters are interesting and you will want to learn more about them
Story's great
Combat has been greatly improved
Writing is amazing Bioware knocked dialouge out of the park
A very personal game especially if you import from ME1
Graphics are amazing
Takes away the techniqual problems that haunted it's predecessor

The bad:

No grenades WTF!!
Might be a little too simplified for some RPG fans
Final boss fight is... ridiculous (in a bad way)
Planet Mining


The original Mass Effect was the greatest advancement in video game story telling, since the original Metal Gear Solid introduced us to real time cutscenes with high quality voice acting. Sure Bioware had created the foundations (and an amazing game in it's own right) for it in Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic , but in Mass Effect they nailed the feeling of a living breathing universe where your decisions mattered.

Unfortunatly it was also plauged by glitches, framerate issues, an overly complicated inventory system, and a number of other things that held it back from being as great as...


Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2 is a very great game, and it fixed alot of things that were wrong with ME1. Now for the detailed review.

These graphics were some of the best I've ever seen on the 360. The humans looked realistic, and the different alien races were well designed. The landscapes were beautiful and well-designed (Omega was an exception when it comes to being "beautiful"). The characters were much less blocky with their movements during cutscenes, and everything seemed to run very smoothly. I never really experienced any framerate issues, although I did encounter some pop-in every once i...


An excellent sequel

The good:

  • Excellent voice acting
  • Wonderful options to be who you want
  • A great player-editor allowed at the beginning of the game, so that your character is EXACTLY what you want him to look like.
  • Wonderful graphics
  • A real-looking galaxy and planets that hold new life in each.
  • Really fun commands and battle style
  • Ability to gain trust with your teammates
  • Free roam, for the most part.

The bad:

  • really dull way of obtaining material
  • Excessive talking at times.


WOW! That's my first impression on this game. I simply got it becuase of the reviews, and had no idea what the previous game had in store, but i'm really happy that i did buy this game. I was hesitant at first because this game had to do with space, aliens, etc. and i'm usually bored of that type of game. Surprisingly, this game did just the opposite. From the second i turned the game on, and suited up for the opening movie, i was enthralled.

As for the story of this game, it's simple. There aren't many twists, other then the factor of who to trust. The game offers a full player play option....

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