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Where is the Sound?!


This is the best fighting game on the Dreamcast IMO,I have played all 3 of the other Vs games and this has got to br the best of the 4 it has all the characters of the past 3 games also included are characters from X-Men Children of the Atom and Marvel Superheroes and a few new additions like Cable and Ruby Heart any way on to the review.

Graphics:What do i say about the graphics here we go the graphics in this game are really good the 3D backgrounds are great i somtimes get distracted while I am playing they are that good.The characters on the other hand are a little pixalated especially the big characters like Thanos and Blackheart the final boss in it's last form is so pixalated it is funny but these problems are minimal if the game is played on a small television.The special effects for the Super combos are bright and colorful and fill the screen nicely.All the frames of animation from the arcade are in the Dreamcast version complements of the NAOMI board.

Sound:The sound in this game is a little weird the sound effects are all right but the music is a little how do I put this nicely it does not fit the game what hte hell was Capcom thinking when they made the music for this game some of then songs are pretty good but the fighter selection music is really annoying especially after you have heard it a million times.

Gameplay:The gameplay is great the control is tight and even the 4 button set up is good if you have played a Street Fighter game you no how to play this game even a newbie can pick it up and play with out a problem with 56 characters there is a character for everybody.

Extras:This game has alot of extras but you cant open them up with just the dreamcast you need to go to the arcade and play online unfortunately since this is the inport version I cant pay online and no arcade has VMU support in the US so you are stuck having to download a gamesave of thew internet to open up all the secrets like the extra colors,stages and characters.

This is very good game i suggest buying it don't rent buy since the Us version is coming out soon you might be able to earn all the characters this is a great game hurry up and get it.

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