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What's Old is New Again

The good:

  • One of the best fighting games out there and only for $15

  • The game looks brilliant in HD

  • Huge roster of characters, featuring fan-favorites from both sides

  • Online multiplayer

  • Widescreen support

  • Amazing soundtrack

  • Ability to create custom soundtracks
  • The bad:

  • Widescreen mode cuts off the edges of the screen

  • The amazing soundtrack probably isn’t most people’s cup of tea

  • Exclusion of Secret Factor
  • Summary:

    2009 is definitely the “year of the fighters.” We’ve had some big releases such as Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, and King of Fighters XII along with some other huge titles yet to hit the store shelves (Tekken 6 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom). However, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated releases of the year has always been Marvel vs. Capcom 2 after it was formally announced earlier during the year. After plenty of rumors surrounding the re-release of the game, Capcom finally confirmed that it was definitely happening and fans rejoiced in celebration. Certainly, what’s old became new all ...


    Glad they decided to join for this one

    The good:

    Over 50 characters spanning from both the Marvel and Capcom universe. This adds to the overall value of the game. With this many how could you get bored easily?

    Up to 3 on 3 battle, a first (for it's time) in a Marvel/Capcom game.

    The bad:

    This game is out of print so it's very hard to come by. I still have this from when it first came out and it was one of my best game decisions ever on not to sell it.

    Characters require lots of points to unlock (about 800+) and during battle you only gain about 10 points so it takes a long time to get enough points for characters, stages, etc.


    This game has no real plot as it combines to company's characters into one. Of course there is no real main character either except for the major characters of each side I would say. I prefer it that way though, with this many characters it would be very tough to keep track of everything that happens story wise.

    The major characters I say would have to be Ryu, Ken, Bison, Guile, Megaman from the Capcom side. From the Marvel side I usually think there is more of them for some reason but they are Wolverine, Spider-Man, Venom, Silver Samurai, and Magneto. Most of these characters are my preferr...


    One of the best Xbox buried treasures

    The good:

    Over 50 total playable characters. New game modes added exclusively for the console version. Fast and fun gameplay.

    The bad:

    You have to play A LOT to unlock all the characters. Graphics are not quite as good as the arcade original. Horrible music. Tricky controls if you don't have an arcade controller. Very hard to find.


    The 4th installment in Capcom's popular Vs. series, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is actually the first one to make it to the Xbox. A smash hit in the arcades, the game builds on the popular tag team formula by allowing players to select a team of 3 legendary Marvel Comics or Capcom fighters and take them into battle against one another, while working your way to a battle with the boss character, the mighty Abyss.

    The graphics are solid but still lose a little bit from the arcades. The characters still show a very high amount of detail but they appear a little more grainy around the edges in this vers...


    A 2D fighting game on the XBox?

    The good:

    Tons and tons of characters to choose from

    Good graphics

    You can buy new characters and new costume to select which give the game great replay value.

    You can use different kinds character like Mega Man and Roll from the Mega Man series, Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter and Spider-Man and Venon from the Spider-Man series.

    You get to choose 3 characters at once.

    The bad:

    They should had this game in 3D. Other than that's everything else is pretty much good.


    Difficulty: Hard

    This is the only VS game I've played so far and many people say it's best of Vs games. The main reason I rented this game is because I heard Mega Man and Spider-Man was in it and I was excited about using them in a fighting game. I'm a big Mega Man fan by the way. It's amazing that how many charactter you can choose from in this game

    If you liked the Street Fighter games then this game shouldn't disappoint you. I suggest you try it out.

    I rate this game a 4.3/10


    Everything you need in a 2D fighter..

    The good:

    Music fits in for the gameplay and some of the levels, a LOT of characters to choose from, many different difficulty levels, everything else is fantastic

    The bad:

    Err... since its a fighting game, it gets a bit boring after a while, but thats solved with multiplayer capability


    Wow. This fighting game is very fast, amazing, and just overall.. a VERY Fun game. I would seriously recommend this to any fighting game fanatic, or just if you're a regular fan. There are a good 56 characters to choose from, there are many, many unlockables, the one player mode is still really great, the hyper combo's are seriously breathtaking, and I wont even get started on the Triple-Hyper combo's. As you can see, there are many great things about this game. One being that I think that it is quite possibly the best 2D fighting game that was ever created. Another point is that it deserve...


    Where is the Sound?!


    This is the best fighting game on the Dreamcast IMO,I have played all 3 of the other Vs games and this has got to br the best of the 4 it has all the characters of the past 3 games also included are characters from X-Men Children of the Atom and Marvel Superheroes and a few new additions like Cable and Ruby Heart any way on to the review.

    Graphics:What do i say about the graphics here we go the graphics in this game are really good the 3D backgrounds are great i somtimes get distracted while I am playing they are that good.The characters on the other hand are a little pixalated especially th...

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