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Can you cure my tragedy?

The good:

- Intuitive Controls
- Up to 4 players at once
- Plenty of replayability
- Lots of Marvel characters to choose from

The bad:

- Storyline
- Replayability applies only if you enjoy the game to begin with
- Slow progression through game
- Not enough bad guys
- Characters are not balanced (More on this later)


Let me first give due credit: The title of this review is a lyric from a song by Cold titled "A Letter to God" or "Cure My Tragedy".

On with this review:
I bought this game when I first got the Wii because I wanted a multiplayer game which I could play with my friends. After browsing several games, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance seemed like the best bet.

For the first couple of hours, even weeks, this game was okay. It was fun, sort of. We played for 2 hours a week, or so, for the first five weeks before putting the game down to finish our studies. When we came back to finish the game, that's all i...


Marvel Fans Rejoice!

The good:

- Customizable characters
- History and fun facts throughout the game
- Great Single and Multiplayer action
- Arsenal of moves to choose from
- Well-developed story
- Choose your own team from 25+ characters

The bad:

- Slightly long load times
- Some minor glitches
- Some disappointing costumes


Technology at it's finest. The details on the Thing's body is superb.

Graphics: 4.5/5 - With all this game has to offer, the graphics are remarkable for these next-gen consoles. The cut-scenes are amazing, showing these Marvel characters at their best. From the lining to Spidey's outfit, to the claws on Wolverine, it's all there for you to enjoy.

3 against 1 isn't fair...but when you're the heroes, who cares?

Gameplay: 4.5/5 - Seems a bit out there, but the game runs very smoothly. The pick-up and play kind, each character with their own unique moves, such as Captain America's shield throw. N...


Fresh from X-Men Legends, Raven and Activision team up to bring gamers the ultimate Marvel love-in.


April 28, 2006 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance sounds like an ambitious project to say the least. Featuring 140 Marvel characters (from the often quoted 5000+ roster of heroes and villains), 20 of which will be playable, Raven is taking their experience from the X-Men Legends action/RPG series and unleashing it in this multi-platform comic book fans dream. Gamers can expect Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on everything from the next gen consoles (Xbox 360 & PS3) to the current gen (PS2, GC, Xbox) and even the handhelds (DS & PSP) as well as the PC. No word on a Nintendo Wii port at this time.


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