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Fun for the first 15 minutes, then devolves into a button masher

The good:

The Imperfects are a decent cast of characters, fun to play when bored, good storyline, good party game, not much of a learning curve, extra content is entertaining.

The bad:

Button-masher, AI is cheap, story mode is biased against the player, a lot of the characters are either broken or cheap, you'll probably stop playing before you even finish the game, repetitive bonus matches, not much fun in playing Solo Versus, Online play is useless because EA nation is down.


Ahh, Marvel Nemesis. The idea of this game- a superhero fighter in the same vein as Power Stone- sounds like a good idea on paper. But when it is utilized, it quickly becomes a test to see which player can press the square button the most.

Let's start with the story. Just like the gameplay, the story mode is a novel contest at first, but about halfway through the story mode, it begins to take increasingly desperate measures to prevent you from passing the stages. The boss fights aren't very different. They usually have some kind of inane catch added on to them that will leave you throwing yo...


Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

The good:

Graphics, Vs. Mode

The bad:

bad camera angles, hard to move, if your characters attack misses you'll be hammered before the attack finishes.


the VS. Mode is actually really fun. The interactive environments keep the game interesting seeing as how you have tons of weapons to choose from (that is if they are strong enough to lift them). The graphics, voice overs, and fine details are all incredible. But the Story Mode suffers from bad camera angles (half the time I can't see whats attacking me). When the main character attacks and misses, the attack takes so long to finish that you can watch your character get attacked from every possible angle. The camera angles tend to show the main character more than the actual game. Even on ...


MARVEL NEMISIS: Rise of the Imperfects

The good:

* Great Characters
* Flexible fighting techniques
* High quality graphics
* Interesting story
* Fight your friends
* Quick to load

The bad:

* Becomes monotonous


Marvel Nemisis: Rise of the imperfects is one of the best games to be released on PSP (in my opinion) to date.
There are three modes of play:

Quick Play:

Choose your character and oponent. Choose the number of rounds you wish to play, and if cards are to be used in the fight.
The only problem with this mode is that you don't get rewards for your victories.


In this mode (otherwise known as story mode) you play as either a Marvel Hero or an Imperfect Villain. YOu begin with two characters (Johnny Ohm and The Thing). Then as you complete the 10 battles with each character you gain a charac...

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