The Mark of Kri review
The Mark of Death - a slaughterfest

The good:

Great animation, lots of gore, death and many different ways to do it all. Cool Conan style slaughter.

The bad:

The fighting/tracking system lacks a little and is a bit one-sided. The camera has a few hang-ups, and moving around things can be a bit of a chore.


This game is a highly unique experience and is based on quite an original idea. You are a buffed-out no-holds barred one man wrecking machine with an avian ally wandering the countryside looking for a fight. That alone should be enough to get some people excited. The storyline and voice overs are top-notch and your quest to find the spell (The Mark of Kri) is downright cool. The different kills and executions rock, to put it quite bluntly, and wandering through the landscapes is an awe-inspiring adventure.
The game is very linear, which may prove to be a disappointment to some, and its length is a bit short, but the replay value is really quite high, due to the many different ways you can thrash people and complete the levels.
The controls are very simple and it takes only a short while to get the hang of it, fighting and all. Your character, Rau, kicks some serious ass. You are the baddest dude on the face of the planet, except for the fact that you can't jump or swim. Your raven buddy is also a cool addition, but he sometimes suffers from some bad camera angles as well.
If you are a fan of Devil May Cry and it's intricate fighting system, this may not be the game for you. The combo/attack system is completely basic and a bit repetitive, not boring, but a bit of a button masher. I find it to be a little like Way of The Samurai in its uniqueness and manueverability, but it really only reminds me of that game in a superficial feeling sort of way. There really isn't anything else to compare this game to, because it is quite different from all of the other games out there.
You get to travel to exotic locations, meet different fascinating people and kill them, what else needs to be said? How sweet it is to be a barbarian warrior!
The magazines really got it wrong with this game. It is fun, challenging, and impressive. The stealth aspect of the game really boosts it playability and replay value. Plus you will want to drool over the animation in this game and all of its intricacies more than once. Don't let the Disney-esque look of the game fool you, this one is not for the kiddies, nor will you feel like one while playing it.
The only drawback to the game besides the simplistic fighting system is the camera, which sometimes gets stuck behind a wall, when you are fighting many enemies near a corner, but it corrects itself quickly, and usually doesn't cause any major damage.
With all of the lackluster games out there, you really can't go wrong in purchasing this one, especially if you like good old fashioned death, splatter, and gore.

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