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Mario Tennis FAQ JP

by Jerome44   Updated to v0.9 on
Oh Yeah, It's...

   ___      ___         __         ______     __________    __________
  |   \    /   |       /  \       |  __  \   |          |  |   ____   |
  |    \  /    |      /    \      | |  |  \      |  |      |  |    |  |
  |     \/     |     /  /\  \     |       /      |  |      |  |    |  |
  |  |\    /|  |    /   __   \    |   _  /       |  |      |  |    |  |
  |  | \__/ |  |   /   /  \   \   |  | | \    ___|  |___   |          |
  |__|      |__|  /___/    \___\  |__| |__\  |__________|  |__________|
   __________    _______    ___    __    ___    __    ________    _____
  |          |  |   ____|  |   \  |  |  |   \  |  |  |        |  /   __\
      |  |      |  |__     |    \ |  |  |    \ |  |     |  |     \   \
      |  |      |   __|    |     \|  |  |     \|  |     |  |      \   \
      |  |      |  |____   |   |\    |  |   |\    |   __|  |__   __\   \
      |__|      |_______|  |___| \___|  |___| \___|  |________|  \_____/

                      __________      ____      ____
                     /          \    |    |    |    |
                    /   _____    \   |    |    |    |
                   /   /     \___/   |    |    |    |
                   |   |             |    |____|    |
                   |   |  _______    |              |
                   |   | /       \   |__________    |
                   |   |/     |   \             |   |
                   \     _____/   |             |   |
                    \             /             |   |
                     \___________/              |___|


Mario Tennis 64 Guide (Japanese Version)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Version: 0.9
Created By: Jerome44
E-Mail Address: 
Created On: 8-4-2000
Last Updated On: 8-8-2000


Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Legal Information
III.  Updates/Revision History
IV.   Menu Navigation
V.    Basic Rules Of Tennis
VI.   Game Controls
VII.  Characters Profiles
VIII. Strategy
IX.   Secrets
X.    Cool Links
XI.   Where To Buy Imports
XII.  How To Play Imports
XIII. Character Endings
XV.   Contributors

And Away We Go!

  Remember how Mario Golf was so surprisingly fun?  Well maybe 
you didn't play it, but Mario Tennis is another such game.  
Who would have thought that Tennis of all sports could be as 
much fun as this game makes it out to be?  I will say that 
it is a ton more fun than Mario Golf, and that it blows Virtua 
Tennis out of the water(Don't worry I'll explain later).  If 
you own an N64, you must buy this game when it comes out in 
the US this September, and if you can't wait that long, check 
out the sections on importing and playing Japanese games on a 
US N64 system that are contained in this faq.  

  This is my first faq and I am writing it because Mario Tennis 
64 inspired me.  I hope you enjoy it and please send me an 
e-mail if you have anything to add to it!  
Anyways, lets get on with the show!

 II.Legal Information
  This faq is copyright 2000 Jeromy Stroh.  
  This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced
  in any way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside
  from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in
  it's original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used
  for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it)
  or promotional purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial
  transaction.  It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc.,
  with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore
  prohibited.  Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers,
  editors, employees or associates, etc. of any company, group, business,
  or association, etc., nor can it be used by game sites and the like.
  It cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other
  form of printed or electronic media (including mediums not specifically
  mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
  or inclusion), without the express written permission of the author,
  myself.  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Jeromy Stroh.  All
  copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not
  specifically mentioned in this FAQ.  Below is a list of websites that
  are allowed to house my faq.
  Gamfaqs       <>
  Gamewinners   <>
  Gaming Planet <>
    If you find this faq on another site, please e-mail me at:

 III.Updates\Revision History

  0.9 - Added a new secret, more fixes, and added new sites to the hosting 

  0.85 - Fixed Controls Area, Added 5 New Endings, Added More Awesome Secrets!

  0.8 - This is The First Version!

 IV.Menu Navigation

  This section will get you through the mostly obvious 
menu system!  I will start with what I call the main 
menu(right after the intro screen where you press start).

     Main Menu:
    __    __    __    __
   / |\  /||\  /||\  /||\
   \__/  \__/  \|_/  \||/
      ___    ___    ___
     /   \  /   \  /   \ 
     | L |  | S |  | W |
     \___/  \___/  \___/

  The top left circle with Mario in it is the one player game.  
The one with Mario and Luigi is the two player. . . and so on.

The circle with the STAR NOTEBOOK (circle above with the L) 
is where you go to load a save game.  NOTE:  The game 
automatically saves all your info as you unlock things.  
This save/load system is just for saving in the middle 
of a game so that you pick up things later.

The circle with the SILVER S (circle above with the S) is the special area.
I haven't been able to unlock anything here so far.

The circle with the SILVER WRENCH is where you go for 
options and to see stats on all of your players.
   ********************   / |\
    Single Player Menu:   \__/
      You will first have to pick your character and then 
will be greeted with the screen that is represented below.

     ___    ___    ___
    /   \  /   \  /   \
    | E |  | T |  | R |
    \___/  \___/  \___/

        ___    ___
       /   \  /   \
       | B |  | P |
       \___/  \___/

  The circle with the tennis court in it(E above) is where you 
can play exhibition games to hone your skills!

  The circle with the trophy in it(T above) is where you
can play in tournaments.  When you first start out there will
be only one court to play and as progress, three courts will 
eventually be there for both doubles and singles.

  The circle with the ring in it(R above) is where you can
play the ring mini-games.  There are several different situations
where you have to collect rings by hitting the tennis ball through
them, can get pretty tough!

  The circle with Bowser in it(B above) is where you can play on
bowser's, lava floating, tennis court.  It's setup like Mario Kart
where you can collect items and then use them against your opponent.
Very cool feature!

  The circle with the plant in it(P above) is where you can play the
plant upchucking tennis balls mini-game.  In this one you hit balls
,that have been upchucked by one of three plants, back at an opponent.
If the ball you hit hits the the other side of the court when you hit it, 
you get a point.  If you score more than you miss you win.  Watch out
though because the opponent can knock the balls away.

 V.Basic Rules of MARIO TENNIS


|       |                                  |       |
|       1                                  1       | 
|       |                                  |       |
|       |________3________________3________|       |
2       |                 |                |       2
|       |                 |                |       |
|       1                 4                1       |
|       |                 |                |       |
|       |                 |                |       |
|       |                 |                |       |
|       1                 4                1       | 
|       |                 |                |       | 
|       |_______3_________|________3_______|       | 
2       |                                  |       2 
|       |                                  |       |
|       1                                  1       |

  When you are playing a game of SINGLES, the lines above 
that are marked with 1s will be the left and right out 
of bounds lines.  In DOUBLES the left and right out of 
bounds lines will be the lines marked above with 2s.

  When you are the player returning a serve, you cannot 
cross the lines marked above with 3s until you have hit 
the ball for the first time.

When playing DOUBLES, if you change sides with your 
partner before the ball is served you will lose that 
game automatically.


  If you hit the ball past any lines marked above with 
a 1 or a 4, then you will get what is called a FAULT.  
You will get one free FAULT but if you hit two FAULTS 
in a row, you will lose that game.
  There is also the LET, which is when you hit the 
net, but I'm not sure if that counts as a FAULT.  
I think it's only if it hits the net and then goes 
out of the boundaries.  Anyways, that's it for serving.


  The object of the game of tennis is to hit the 
ball past your opponent(obviously) in order to 
gain points.  The game proceeds through three levels.


You win points in a game to win points in a set 
and points in a set to win a match, easy as that!  
The point system for each level is listed below:  


    No Wins:     0(Love)
    First Win:  15
    Second Win: 30
    Third Win:  40
    Fourth Win: You Win The Game!

    If you tie at 40 then you will be at what is called DEUCE.
    Here is how DEUCE works:

        First Win:
        Second Win(IN A ROW):
        You Win!

	If you lose with the advantage then you go back to DEUCE!


    First Game Win:  1
    Second Game Win: 2 (You Win!)

    And if your opponent ties you at 2 wins, then you go into a TIEBRAKER.

        Win seven games at a point a piece before the other player.(You Win!)

    This depends.  Different options and playmodes throughout the game will        
    let you know how many matches you'll be playing, but winning a match is     
    the ultimate goal.

So to recap you win GAMES to win SETS to win a MATCH.

Well that's it for now on the rules, hope this helped!

 VI.Game Controls

  Mario Tennis 64 has a wide variety of controls 
that result in extremely deep, satisfying, and, above all, fun gameplay.

A Button:  Hits the ball with a top spin.

Tap A Twice: Red Flaming Hit with more speed(I think more controllability, 

B Button:  Also hits the ball with a back spin/slice.

Tap B Button Twice:  Blue Flaming Hit(More Powerful).

Press A Then B:  Lobs ball into the back of the court.

Press B Then A:  Lobs ball into the front of the court.

Press A and B Together:  Hits the ball straight.

Tap A And B Together twice:  Does a Purple Flaming Power Hit, Very Nice.

Press R: Not Sure Yet.

Press Z: Not Sure Yet.

Analog Control: Moves your character and directs where the ball will be hit.

 Hitting The Ball:
          __     ___        ___
         /  \    \  \      /  /
A or B +  ||  or   \\  or  //
          ||        \\    //

If you press the analog controller up while hitting 
the ball, the ball will go further down the court.

          ||      \\          //
          ||   or  \\   or   //
A or B + \__/      \__\    /__/

If you press the analog controller down while hitting 
the ball, the ball will land closer to the net.

And of course, the more you point the analog controller 
left or right, it will be hit at sharper and sharper 
angles in the direction you pointed it.

 Serving The Ball:
  Press A to toss the ball up and then press A, B, or A+B plus
the direction you want it to go.  If you get the right timing down
you'll get a "Nice Hit."  

That's it on controls, You're all READY TO PLAY!!

  Character Profiles

   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Average
   Mario is just a good all around player.

   Speed: Above Average
   Hitting:  Average

   Luigi slides around when he runs, can't stand him.

   Speed: Below Average
   Hitting: Average

   Can't manuever and turn very well, but ok player.

    Daisy(The Other Girl)
    Speed: Below Average
    Hitting: Average
    Princess Peach's friend or something, I dunno?

   Speed: Above Average
   Hitting: Below Average
   Special:  Hearts Appear With A Flaming Hit.

   If you want to get around the court quick, pick
   the princess!

    Baby Mario
   Speed: Below Average
   Hitting:  Above Average
   Special:  Stars Appear With A Flaming Hit.

   He's a slow baby with Popeye strength, Mario must
   feed him spinach!

    Kinopio(Mushroom Head)
   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Average

   Pretty average little mushroom guy.

    Catherine(Pink Dragon, Also Known As Birdo)
   Speed: Below Average
   Hitting: Average
   Who is this, never heard of her!

    PataPata(Flying Turtle)
   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Average
   He does have smooth movement because he's flying.

   Speed: Below Average
   Hitting: Average

   Not much to say, he's a bad guy.

    King Koopa
   Speed: Way Below Average
   Hitting: Average

   Pure Evil!

   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Average
   Special: Rainbow With Flaming Power Hits.

   It's Mario Green Pal!

    Donkey Kong
   Speed: Horrible
   Hitting: Above Average

   One clunky monkey.

    Theresa(The Ghost)
   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Above Average

   Has very controlable hitting.
   How can you tell if a ghost is male or female?


   These are the two hidden characters be forwarned.

    Donkey Kong Jr.
   Speed: Below Average
   Hitting: Average
   Special: Green Bananas With A Flaming Power Hit.
   Give him a break, he's just a kid!

    Hey-Ho(Little Red Baddie, Also Known As Shy Guy)
   Speed: Average
   Hitting: Average

   Has really mechanical irritating turning.

Thus endeth the character profiles!

  Well I don't have much strategy for everyone yet but here
are a few bits I've picked up on along the way.

  If you would like to submit strategy, please send it to and I'll give you full credit!

     Doubles Strategy
      When the other team is serving and your partner is on the
    returning end, you can make an easy kill.  After the serve
    rush the middle of the net and hit the returning ball with a
    purple flaming hit(A+B) into the opposite corner.  Your player
    should jump up and knock the crap out of it!


    Secret Characters:
   Donkey Kong Jr.
   Beat All three courts in Either Tournament Mode with any character.

   Hey-Ho(Little Red Baddie With White Face)
   Beat All three courts in The Other Tournament with any character.

    Secret Courts:
    Win the first(mushroom cup) tournament in Singles with Mario.

    I noticed this one after all tournaments were completed
    in both Doubles & Singles with Mario. 

    Win the first(mushroom cup) tournament in Singles with DK.

    Win the first(mushroom cup) tournament in Singles with Yoshi.

    Win all tournaments in Doubles with Wario.

    Coin Mini-Game Secrets:
     This has to be the most disipointing part of the game.
   I completed a couple of the coin mini-games only to find that
   the big reward was having a sort of free for all with Koopa.
   Then I figured that something cool would happen if I beat them all...
   Well about 4:00 AM I found out I was wrong!  All you get is to play
   against Koopa on all of them, blah!

    Plants Upchucking Tennis Balls Mini-Game:
     Haven't found anything yet.  Just seems to be
   for practice, could be secrets though.
    Miscleaneous Secrets:

   Go through all the Tournament Cups with all the characters(including
   Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr.) to unlock the Special Cups,
   which are much harder than the previous one.  Press R while
   selecting a character to access the Special Tournament in the

   At the character select screen, hold down L while choosing
   your character.

   I think you only have to beat one tournamet in order to enable
   this with a character.  If you have done this then hold down R
   while picking your character and you should see a star next the
   whoever you selected in the bottom left.  This will give you 
   extremely powerful hitting abilities.
   While a replay is playing, press the B button.
   Good for torturing friends...

   This isn't a real secret but it really made me happy that
   it was included!  If you press start while playing, and then 
   select the camera and then select the middle camera with the
   two arrows, you can play without having to play on the top side
   of the court.  I hate that top side and I'm sure many of you
   do too!

That's it for the secrets for now.
I'll have gameshark codes and cheat codes as soon
as I find them.  And if you would like to contribute them
you can send them along to!

 X.Cool Links

  I always like to know the latest about videogames so I
thought I'd compile a list of links where you can find all
about Mario Tennis 64!  Enjoy!

Nintendo of America's Mario Tennis 64 Page:

Nintendo of Japan's Mario Tennis 64 Page:

IGN 64's Mario Tennis 64 Compilation:

IGN's Comparision of Mario Tennis 64 and Virtua Tennis:

 XI.Where To Buy Imports

  Well I have had some good luck and bad luck with importers in my
day and I thought I'd share that with you all today.  Below is a list
of importers along with their links.  I'll tell you why or why not 
I like them and how smoothly my orders have gone with each.

Tronixweb.Com - Awesome!

These guys are on top of their orders.  I have ordered several
games from them and they have always been very nice.  They
give out tracking numbers, confirm shipments, and offer really
cheap overnight shipping if you just can't wait!(They Are In 
New York).  They're only drawback is that they don't always get
everything in the first day it's offered and they don't always
have every game I'm looking for, but other than that they rock!

TheRage.Com - Awesome!

Great track record with me, but they also don't always have all
the latest imports in stock.  But they have very good prices and
cheap shipping as well.

NCSX.Com - The King!

These guys have everything the day it comes out.  They have great prices,
fast shipping, and you can find pretty much everything you'd ever want!
They do have some shipping charges that are kind of high, but not enough
to make anyone not shop there.  Definitely check these guys out.  They also
offer a detailed account record and I have found that they ship sometimes
minutes after an order!  Just plain amazing. - Awesome!
  They have a huge selection of older imports for the saturn, super nes, etc 
with all of the newer systems.  unbeatable prices and they ship very fast.  
guys are gamers that decided to open a store, so they will have every import 
ever available.  They get the obscure and the mainstream so if you want 
some off the wall title like A-Train or a dating sim, this the site to check 

Buyrite.Com - ACK, BAD!
Slow shipping, Horrible packing, Bad Condition Product. STAY AWAY! - Worked Great!
Fast shiping, low prices, but I only ordered from them once so far.

 Out of Hong Kong with great prices and selection.  They have the latest
and greatest imports, along with a great variety of off the wall system
addons.  You must check them out!

That's it for the import stores, hope you liked it!

 XII.How To Play Imports

  There are two options that you can consider for
playing import games on your N64.  You can either modify
it yourself or buy an adapter.  I in no way hold an responsibility
for whatever you do to your system so proceed with modding
at your own risk.  Here are some links to more information
on this subject.

Mod Info:

Buy A Converter:

 XIII.Character Endings
  I wanted to save this for the bottom so I didn't spoil anyones fun!
If you don't want to know, DON'T LOOK!  Here are the endings I've 
seen so far.

    As Mario receives his trophy a sewer pipe comes out of the ground
    and knocks him off of his feet.  The trophy pops out of his hands
    and Bowser then comes out of the pipe and grabs it.

    She gets to close to the edge of the platform and falls off.  Then
    it freezes with her holding her trophy and smiling.

    He marches around saying, "Wario number one wario!"  Then he jumps off
    the platform and flips onto his back.

    He runs around saying, "Oh Boy, Luigi Win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I 
    Luigi win! Luigi win!  He then falls off the platform and drops his 
trophy.  He
    then says, "Come a back here whatsa matta."  Then that camera turtle on a 
    comes down and steals his trophy.  Then Luigi says, "Oh, my trophy!"

    He dances around with the trophy in hand and says, "Yeaah, I'm a number 
one!  Look I'm
    a dancing!  I'm so Happy!"  Luigi watches and then shakes his hand a 
    in disapproval.  Luigi leaves and Waluigi gets really ticked!

    He dances around with the trophy, throws it up, and it then hits him on 
the head.
    Star dust flys everywhere and he does a flip onto his rear end.  Then he 
smiles and

    She dances around with a levitating trophy.  It seems like she has some 
kind of
    magical power and is doing this herself.  She then grabs the trophy and 


Gamwinners.Com - Special Cups Secret, Thanks!

That's It For Now, Look For More Updates In The Near Future!

...Over And Out...