Super Mario Sunshine review
Cleaning Delfino

The good:

- Brand new Mario game with a fun new idea.
- Cool opening movie!
- Many new characters to meet, including the Piantas.
- A Super Mario 64-like game, with many collectable shine sprites and blue coins.
- Cool watergun weapon with 3 nozzle choices.
- Many fun missions/tasks.
- Bright and beautifully detailed game.
- Tons of hidden surprises and secrets.
- Challenge: hard levels, missions, bosses, races, and more. This isn't a very easy game.
- Yoshi's are back!! They look great and have some cool new abilities.
- Great music. Suits levels well.
- Fun affects when you blast people with water.
- Some great levels to explore. Free-roam.

The bad:

- Too predictable. In every world, there is a red coin hunt and a mission where you chase Shadow Mario. To make it worse, the Shadow Mario chases all have the same thing in their name: "The secret of...".
- Missions without your watergun can be fun, but in most cases hard and slightly annoying/frustrating.
- Yoshi's die as soon as they hit water. Big waste of time and a slight letdown.
- The games end is horribly easy, and doesn't really go along with the storyline.
- Your objective is to clean the island and find the culprit. There wasn't really a huge sense that the island was really dirty. A few missions here and there yes, but nothing major.
- Not all too many levels once you think about it.
- Proper instructions are not always given.


This is a very great game for the GameCube. The idea behind the game was very unique and the change was fully welcomed. It's not just your usual easy Mario game because it is at times quite challenging and it takes awhile to beat. Even the easiest of missions can take a few tries. The visuals in this game are so amazing. It's just so bright and colorful, and even the water is great to look at. Even the music is great, and it adds so much to the game. The game does has a few problems, but they don't bring the game down all that much. If your looking to play a fun game with beautiful graphics, try this game, because you won't be disappointed. Give it a try before you make an assumption, because as I was, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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