Super Mario Sunshine Glitches

Fun Glitches.
#1. Mission with giant wiggler: just beat him as normal but theres two glitches possible now. Keep pressing start and the music will go down then when you press start it will go back up and slowly down like normal, keep doing this and you will be teleported for no reason out of the level. you have to press start before the shine appears when the music gets all weird when wigler gets squished.
#2. Same mission. Beat wigler and this time let the shine appear. Then, stand right underneath the shine and inflate the plant thing with water and you should bounce into the shine and it will show the "Shine!" scene with mario facing backwards. fun to look at =P
#3. any gelato beach mission. go to the plant near the hut with the fruit in it and spray it and right before it indents do a ground pound and you will fly up into the sky and the camera will eventually zoom back in on the ground. Very Difficult for starters.
#4: Sirena beach. red coin mission only. get 100 coins for the shine to appear, it doesnt matter if you already got this shine before, then press the red button and wait for the timer to go all the way down to like 10 seconds. when theres like 5 seconds left collect the shine and the scene will happen but mario will randomly fall over and die and the shine will fly around like normal but mario will be dead. Easy if you're not an idiot.
#5. Any of the later missions with the hat stealers at Pinna Park. first of all, dont go inside the park, second, get your hat stolen. one glitch is that if you go underwater, your health will no longer decrease, just your breath. interesting. another one is that if you let your health go down low and talk to somebody and wait for your health to completely go away mario will die and just sit there while that person continues to talk to mario's dead body...