Super Mario Sunshine Tips

The Shine Tower of DOOM
You know the shine tower where the shines gathered? Seems like a nice place, huh? Well, you're wrong! There are two instances where you can die because of the shine tower! Go to the lowest pool and swim right between the opart of the fence towards you and the one on the right away from you. Now, dive dive dive! With luck, you'll fall down and be on a blue area with the dock where the boat comes ahead. If you run ahead, you'll walk under water all around Delfino Plaza. If not, you'll fall down and land on "ground" where you'll die in mere seconds. Now, go back and swim in from of the one towards you. Dive, dive dive! You'll be in the sewers! But, before you do that, push the control stick up and you'll be in an odd area. There are buildings around, but you'll die before you can even get there....