Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Fruit Regenerating Glitch
Go to pinna park, the first episode(the one with the gopher and the bullet bills). Go to the beach, then get yoshi. Spray the beach and fruits should pop out. Eat like alot of them. Also spray the bullet bills a lot then get their coins. Then you should hear a fruit regenerating, then splashing into water, then regenrating, and splashing again, and it happens over, and over. I tried to find where that fruit is, and even though you try it, you wont find it! Why? Because its INSIDE the wall at the back! Go near it and go into mario vision, then move it into the wall. You should see dark blue. Thats INSIDE the wall. Youre not even supposed to be able to look there. Anyway, there isnt a solid ground, and theres water below the dark blue stuff.