Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Weird thing
Do the high camera view glitch(go to gelato beach, get yoshi, and spray the slime thing off the dune bud, and water it. Right before the foot indent comes, ground pound. The camera should look at the sun, go weird, and you will get a super high veiw of the whole island)and when you get the part where the camera is in the sky and you could see 1 cloud, if you do the normal way, before the sun comes, you should see a tiny white speck falling, and then the sun. I was wondering what that was...
I did this by accident when I was fiddling around with the camera when the white speck was falling, and look! I saw a close-up of it, and it was me! You know the part where you ground pound? Well, then after you do it, you are ground pounding in the sky, and falling towards land really fast. I think thats why at the sun part you hear a thud, and the controller vibrates!