Super Mario Sunshine Tips

Get Suspened: Endless falling trick
Noki Bay, "The shells secret" As you enter the level immediately zoom in (Y button) and look at the mountain to your right. See the ledge at the very top (far right)? The rocket nozzle is located there, so get climbing! Once you have obtained it jump off and freefall into the water below. Now look to the right of the mountain, see the darker (shaded) water? Start to swim along the outside of that dark area. When the water resists you from going any further (Make sure the camera is directly behind Mario) switch to the rocket nozzle, charge up, and when you are about to blast off, jump out of the water (while still holding the R button) and hold the control stick forward. When you fall back in the water immediately do this again. Finally blast off one more time and while in the air, hold the control stick forward and let go of everything else. suddenly you will stop falling and hang there suspended in the air and will not fall until you stop holding the control stick forward or try to rotate the C stick. This may take a few tries but it's worth it. Believe it or not but by using this trick at an certain spot (in Noki bay) and method that is extremely tedious will actually enable you to fall ad walk on the ocean floor like the flood glitch in the plaza. I have achieved it only 6 times. If anyone else figures out the secret and does this as you walk underwater do not walk by the edges of the mountain or you will fall through the ocean floor and see that familiar "too Bad" and die. also, you can jump into the huge dark hole in the center of the level where you will find coins there and you can use the rocket nozzle to blast out. Well I hope someone will find this trick interesting and don't be too upset if you can't find the secret right away. Thanks to Z.X.I.I.L.S.180 for this trick.