Super Mario Sunshine Tips

Get to the top of Ricco Tower
If you have not yet succeed getting the rocket nozzle yet, this will help. Okay go to Ricco Harbor and select Episode 4, The Secret of Ricco Tower. Yeah, theres a level at the top of the tower when you enter the small hole at the top, but unfortunatly, its up rather high. Well you know the bar thingys at the top?that you had to walk on in Episode 3? Go on those again but go over towards the tower on the bars when your above the ship. You'll be high up enough to land on one of the landings that surround the tower.Use the Hover nozzle to land on it then simply hover again to get to the hole.

This is pretty simple so its not hard to figure out. When you DO get the rocket nozzle,(if havent already)get on top of the tower and rocket all the way can get some coins and a blue one too.

*heres another way to get somewhere w/o the rocket nozzle.

to get on the top of the giant shine statue jump on yoshi and get to the manhole near the statue, the one BEHIND it.ground pound into the hole and you can shoot yourself up really high!this may not always work,but when it does, its pretty efficent. note-this only works when you are on yoshi.