Super Mario Sunshine Tips

pipe on the island
At the island, that is off the beach where there is all the stands with fruit, there is a lost guy, and a pipe with that yellow moving gunk. Which you can only destroy with Yoshi's juice. Now to get there. Go get Yoshi, the color dosen't matter, and go to the docks. Go to the right of the docks, where there is a dead end, don't jump to the other side. Wait for the boat to come and jump on it. Then wait until you are near another boat, time your jump right and jump on the other boat. Wait for a while and you should come to this platform with fruit on it. Jump on it and eat the fruit to get more juice. Now wait for a diffrent boat to come from the other side. Jump on it and wait till you reach the island jump on it and spray juice on the yellow gunk. Get off of Yoshi and go inside. It is a red coin collecting thing, but you are on a leaf and you need to travel carfully spraying water to controll the leaf to get the coins.