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What, Is This A Slumber Party?


Mario, one of the most well known video game icons, is also known for trying his hand at many different genres and producing various spinoff series. Mario Party is the multiplayer focused variant that brings the world of board games to the video game and provides that unique Mario twist. The fourth game proved to be enjoyable but having some issues. Making the necessary tweaks seemed so simple, but somewhere along the way something went wrong. Mario Party 5 simply is not the game I wanted it to be.

I should start off on a positive note. Mario games always tend to gravitate towards bright and...


Fun Game

The good:

Fun mini-games

Decent story mode, despite alot of people saying it sucks

A couple of cool unlockables

Can play as Toad

The bad:

They replaced the items with a stupid capsule system

The red, green, and blue miniature Bowsers suck, and aren't true Koopa Kids, despite what they call themselves.

Some of the boards aren't that great


Well, I can't see too many bad things about this game. It has plenty of fun mini-games, and fun board maps, with the exception of maybe one or two. Even story mode is fun, as you get a chance to be able to beat up some loser Koopa Kid imposters. The capsule system sucked, but other than that, I think this is a good game. Although, if you're not a big fan of the Mario Party series, you may want to rent this first. Either way, still a good game overall, as I said before.



The good:

---Super Duel Mode.
---Something to keep you busy.
---Toad, Boo and Baby Bowser as playable characters.
---Star Spirits from PM1 as 3D stars.

The bad:

---DK isn't playable.
---Story Mode, which I consider the shortest Monopoly game ever.


Gameplay: 7/10.
Play it to see why.

Story: 5/10.
Stupid kiddish story.

Graphics: 3/10.
Everyone must hate this game's graphics. It's bad for your eyes. Still, you should play it.

Sidequests: 8/10.
Keeps you running until you must go to bed.

Characters: 6/10.
Same old characters, besides Toad, Baby Bowser and Boo being in and DK being out.

Difficulty: Medium/Extreme.
Well, choose Medium for that. But Hard, just play the game for hours and hours and then try that.

Overall: 7/10.
I suggest renting this first, just to make sure.


Mario Party 5 would be good with a few changes

The good:

The graphics. Multiplayer, and Super Duel mode.

The bad:

Mini-games, gameplay is good when you first play it but, it gets boring and repitive.


Graphics 8/10 Its the same as Mario Party 4's graphics, its good enough. Nothing special for the graphics though.

Multiplayer 9/10 The multiplayer keeps me from not liking this game. Its similar to Mario Party 4's multiplayer. IMO

Story 4/10 The story isn't good. Bowser trying to take over all the boards you play in sounds intresting at first but, the story doesn't advance through out the game.

Mini-games 3/10 All you do in most of them is you have to get the best score or press the same button(s) They don't require skill just like the ones in Mario Party 4 and others.

Super Duel Mode 7/10 In ...


Mario Party 5

The good:

Mario Party 5 really forces fun down your throat. Everything is joyous and colorful and wonderful and magical in the dream realm where this board/action game hybrid takes place, and various talking stars tell you how to play the game. You will love it—because it is joyous and colorful and wonderful and magical, and you are ordered to love it! The single-player Story mode has been improved (mainly by consolidating the A.I. turns and speeding things up), but it's not as much fun as two-on-two team games. Actually, four live people is the only way to go—there are so many random elements (twists of fate, stolen items, funky power-ups) that strategy almost doesn't matter.

The bad:

I thought the boards were small and very easy to get stars on and the story mode was horrible as usual for the mario party series.


Great game and hope you buy it.


Mario Party 5- Nintendo is running out of ideas


At first I was really happy because I got Mario Party 5 on Christmas. I started playing, and at first I thought it was ok, but after two days I began to see that Nintendo is running out of ideas:

·There are no more items and shops; the only items you can get are capsules which you can use on the different dices.

·If you want to use a capsule on yourself you'll have to pay a lot of coins.

·The story mode is too easy and isn't a great challenge...

·The Minigames are no longer so original like in the other Mario Party games. Most of them are boring and way too easy.

·You can no longer play with Don...

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