Mario Party 4 review
The party continues on the Cube...

The good:

updated graphics, new minigames and play modes, new items to use

The bad:

Too much emphasis on certain items, not as many minigames as before, some minigames aren't too good


This Mario Party installment is certainly the best looking now that it's on GameCube, but it seems to be missing that certain something that MP3 on N64 had. While there are several new minigames, and a few are really good, quite a few seem wither boring, uninspired, or like they've been done before. On the other hand, though, the new Bowser Games are fun to play, and Bowser's Big Blas is back! The regular board game-style play still works well with all the items, but the play puts too much of an emphasis on Mushrooms over other items, which makes for unbalanced strategy, although the 1P Story Mode makes up for it. It's still a good game, and I'd recommend it for new Mario Party players. If you still have MP3, though, you may want to rent MP4 first or wait until MP5 to determine if it's worth the upgrade.

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