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Mario Party 4 Guide

by SpyGuy101   Updated to v1.0 on

Mario Party 4 guide


     This is my second guide. My first guide was recently made in December for
Animal Crossing. I noticed there were no guides for this game so I decided to
make one. Like animal Crossing, it's impossible to make a direct good
walkthrough since there isn't really a storymode or anything like that. If your
interested in making a guide yourself go to my animal crossing guide and at the
top of it I tell you how.

Table of contents:

1. Version history

2. Mini Games
a. 4-player mini games
b. 1 vs. 3 mini games
c. 2 vs. 2 mini games
d. battle mini games
e. bowser mini games
f. extra mini games
g. One player mini games

3. Level of difficulty and if it's a team match

4. Levels and stuff that's in em

5. Legal Stuff

1. Version History

Version 1: Only version there is right now. Worked on the mini game list.

2. Mini Games

Here is a list of mini games I came up with. Most of the games are listed but
not all since I'm not using anything to copy off of except the game itself. It
includes the name of the game, what it is all about and the controls.

a) 4-player mini games:
There are 16 mini games. I found all of the mini games so this section should be
helpful. The mini games are in order so if you haven't found one yet you can
look on this chart to see which ones you need to still find:
               |                                            |                  |
Name of game   | What's in this game                        |  Controls        |

1. Manta rings | Dive through the rings while swimming in   | Move the joystick
               | the ocean. Each blue ring is worth 1 point | around to move the
               | and each gold ring is worth 3 points. If   | person(duh)and tap
               | an underwater creature hits you, you'll    | A repeatedly to go
               | lose points. The rings look like a bunch of| forward.
               | bubbles in the shape of a ring.            |                  |
               |                                            |
2. Slime Time  | Escape from the slime! Be the first person | Just rapidly press
               | to reach the middle platform to win! At the| the A button as
               | beginning a giant blob of slime falls on   | you can to try to
               | you and won't let you go. You have to run  | run free of the
               | as fast as you can with the blob trying to | slime's grip.
               | pull you back. If you don't go fast enough |
               | or you stop completely the slime will pull |
               | you back so don't give up until you're done|                  |
               |                                            |
3. Booksquirm  | My all-time favorite mini game. You start  | use the joystick
               | on a book with page slowly falling one at a| to move around.
               | time but picking up pace after a period of |
               | time. In every page there is at least 1    |
               | hole in it in. The holes can be in the     |
               | shape of a star, circle, or moon. Avoid    |
               | getting flattened by the pages by standing |
               | under a hole so you will fit through to the|
               | next page.                                 |                  |
               |                                            |
4. Mario Medley| This is a swimming contest in which you    |B+A(Simultaneously)
               | have to do a 25 meter lap of each different| to breaststroke.
               | stroke to win. There are 3 strokes which   |
               | include breaststroke, backstroke and crawl.| L>R(Alternately)
               | You have a heart meter and if you swim too | to backstroke.
               | hard your heart meter will lower and you   |
               | will slow down. A tip for doing the breast-| B>A(Alternately)
               | stroke is to hold your fingers in a curled | to Crawl
               | V and rapidly press down so that you're    |
               | hitting both the A and B button at the same| Do each lap in the
               | time.                                      | order I wrote them
               |                                            |
5. Avalanche!  | Yes, an avalanche. It is a lot like the    | use the joystick
               | mini game "Skateboard Scamper" from Mario  | to turn and press
               | Party 1. Ski down the mountain to avoid the| the A button to
               | avalanche. There is a bunch of ramps that  | move.
               | if you go off of you'll go faster. There is|
               | also walls and boulders you have to avoid. |                  |
               |                                            |
6. Domination  | Not as exciting as it sounds. All you do is| Rapidly press A to
               | rapidly press A as fast as you can to hit  | hit the switch
               | the hammer your holding onto the switch. In| with your hammer.
               | the end a bunch of Whomps will fall down   |
               | like dominos. For every time you pressed A |
               | another whomp will be added to the line of |
               | domino whomps. A tip to press A really fast|
               | is to hold your index finger and thumb like|
               | you're going to pinch someone and rapidly  |
               | slide it back and forth over the A button. |                  |
               |                                            |
7. Paratrooper | This is a coin collecting bonus game which | Use joystick to
   Plunge      | means that there isn't one winner, but you | move around to
               | get to keep any coins you get. If you run  | grab coins.
               | into an enemy four times, you die. Youstart|
               | off with a cinematic scene in a plane. Then|
               | you are dropped out with a balloon tied to |
               | your back. It's an okay game.              |                  |
               |                                            |
8. Toad's Quick| When Toad raises the flag, you have to find| Use the joystick 
   Draw        | the balloon that's the same color and shoot| to move crosshairs
               | it with your arrow. You're in first person | and press the A
               | mode like the James Bond games. A bunch of | button to fire.
               | balloons will float up and then toad will  |
               | raise a flag and you have to shoot the bal-|
               | loon that's the same color.                |                  |
               |                                            |
9.Three Throw  | A free throw basketball game. Try to make  | press A to jump
               | the most shots into the baskets and get the| amd press B to
               | most points to win. Each red basket is     | shoot the ball.
               | worth one point and the yellow hoops are   |
               | worth two points. Shoot after the high     |
               | point of a jump to make it in the middle   |
               | row of yellow baskets.                     |                  |
10. Photo      | Finish the moving puzzle. You can only drop| L+R to rotate a
    Finish     | a piece in its proper place so if you can  | piece.
               | put a piece down on the map you know it's  |
               | in the right spot. At the beginning it will| use joystick to 
               | show the complete puzzle and then break    | move a piece.
               | apart. When it shows the puzzle at the     |
               | beginning try to memorize what it looks    | press A to drop a
               | like. Not too fun.                         | piece.           |
               |                                            |
11. Mr.        | Run on the frozen pond while avoiding the  | use the joystick
  Blizzard's   | snowballs thrown by the Blizzards. In the  | to move and avoid
  Brigade      | beginning there are only 4 blizzards but   | snowballs.
               | more roll down the hill. They shake a bit  |
               | before they throw a snowball, so watch out.|
               | This is another really fun game. If you get|
               | hit you will become frozen in a cube of ice|                  |
               |                                            |
12. Bob-omb    | If you've ever played Mario Party 3 then   | Use joystick to
    breakers   | this mini game should look familiar. Kinda | move blocks.
               | like Tetris where there is falling blocks  |
               | everywhere. You have to connect 3 like     | Press A to rotate
               | shapes next to each other to make them     | piece clockwise
               | disappear. The shapes include circles,     | and B is other way
               | triangles, stars, squares, and bob-ombs.   | 
               | first to 100 points wins. You can also go  | Y+X to flip piece
               | over into other peoples sections and screw | over.
               | around there.                              |                  |
               |                                            |
13. Long claw  | Catch the character shown in the wanted    | R rotates claw
    of the law | poster three times to win. There will be a | right and L
               | random poster with a character on it and   | rotates left.
               | you have to use your claw to grab it. There|
               | is a bunch of doors flapping open and they | Joystick moves
               | have a character in each one. Try to find  | claw up and down.
               | the three doors with the wanted character  |
               | and yank him out with the claw.            | A grabs character.
               |                                            |
14.Stamp out!  | Sorta like eatsa pizza from MP3. Try to    | Use joystick to
               | stamp as much of your color on the paper.  | change direction.
               | Unlike eatsa pizza, you can cover up every-|
               | one else's color, so it is really srategy. | press A to jump.
               | Holding A longer allows you to jump farther|
               | and vice versa. If everyone covers less    |
               | than 5% of the field it's a draw.          |                  |
               |                                            |
15. Mario      | Reminds me of Mario kart64. Time to race on| hold R to
    Speedwagons| the speedway! Step on the gas when the     | accelerate.
               | light turns green. In the bottom-right     |
               | corner there is a speed gauge. Whenever the| Press A to change
               | it hits red you have to change gears. At   | gears(when your
               | the beginning you can hit the gas before   | meter starts to
               | the green light for a head start.          | blink).          |
               |                                            |
16. Take a     | Take a deep breath and see who can stay    | L+R alternately
    breather   | underwater the longest. You get five       | to take in a deep
               | seconds at the beginning to take in a deep | breath.
               | breath. Then you jump underwater and the   |
               | last one to stay under wins! Not much else |
               | to say.                                    |                  |

b) 1 vs. 3 mini games

I still need 2 more of the 1 vs. 3 mini games. I ordered it like I did for the
4-player mini games so once again if you don't know what mini game you need you
can look on this chart. Here is the list:
               |                                             |                 |
  Name of game | Description  of game and whats in it        | Controls        |
               |                                             |
1. Candlelight | One player holds a candle, while the other  | Lone player: Use
   Fight       | three try to extinguish it with their water | joystick to move.
               | guns. The lone player will have a candle    |
               | thaet magically lights up and the lights    | Other 3: Use joy-
               | turn off. Just run around for one minute    | stick to move and
               | while everyone else is trying to squirt you | press A to shoot
               | down. The candle can sustain five hits      | your water gun.
               | before it goes out.                         |                 |
2. Makin' Waves|


To be continued...

Storymode Mini Games:

     There are 5 mini games that you can get in one player mode by beating each
level. They are listed below:

  Name of game         | What the game is                      | Controls      |
                       |                                       |
Goomba's chance game   | This game is acquired after you beat  | joystick
                       | Goomba's greedy gala. After you beat  | moves you
                       | The level Goomba will challenge you to| and press
                       | A mini game instead of giving you your| the A button
                       | Prize. I hate this game only because  | to jump and
                       | This is one of those games that is 100| press it again
                       | percent chance. To play this game it  | to groundpound.
                       | show a bunch of coins with numbers on | Kinda Simple.
                       | them. Then all of the coins will move |
                       | in together making a big stack and    |
                       | then spread out again with the numbers|
                       | facing down this time. You take turns |
                       | ground-pounding the coins and getting |
                       | points for the amount under the coin. |
                       | First one to 50 points is the winner. |
                       | If you finally win you'll get a       |
                       | computer for that specific character, |
                       | which goes in the present room. If you|
                       | don't win, quickly restart the GCN.   |

3. Level of difficulty and team matches

Below is a list of all of the mini games and it says if they're team match and
if they are considered easy. If a game is team match it means you can play on a
team, even if it's not a 2 vs. 2 mini game. To play a team match select play
mini games(the first choice). The second choice says team play. You can only
play the games that I listed as a team match game. Others you can only play on
normal free for all mode. As far as I know, every 4 player mini game is team
match. Easy means that they are kind of excluded from the bunch. When you play a
normal game you get to choose if you want to play easy mode or not. If you
choose easy mode you will only be allowed to play the easy mini games. Here are
the games listed below:

a)4 player mini games

All of the 4 player mini games can be played on team mode. These are my favorite
type of games. Here's the list:

Manta Rings--------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Slime Time---------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Booksquirm---------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Mario Medley-------------------Team Match-------------------
Avalanche!---------------------Team Match-------------------
Domination---------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Paratrooper Plunge-------------Team Match---------------Easy
Toad's Quick Draw--------------Team Match---------------Easy
Three Throw--------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Photo Finish-------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Mr. Blizzard's Brigade---------Team Match---------------Easy
Bob-omb Breakers---------------Team Match-------------------
Long claw of the law-----------Team match---------------Easy
Stamp Out!---------------------Team Match---------------Easy
Mario Speedwagons--------------Team Match-------------------
Take a breather----------------Team Match---------------Easy

b)1 vs. 3 mini games
I still need to find 3 more 1 vs. 3 mini games, so this part isn't complete yet.
I don't think any of the 1 vs. 3 mini games are team Matches. Here are the 1 vs.
3 mini games below:
Candlelight Flight--------------------------------------Easy
Makin' Waves--------------------------------------------Easy
Hide and go BOOM!---------------------------------------Easy
Fish n' drips-----------------------------------------------
Money belts---------------------------------------------Easy
Blame it on the crane---------------------------------------

c)2 vs. 2 mini games

Of course every mini game in this section is a team match. I recently found the
mini game "Dungeon Duos" which completed my list here. Once again they are
listed below:

The great deflate-------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Revers-a-bomb-----------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Right Oar Left?---------------Team Match---------------------
Cliffhangers------------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Team Treasure Trek------------Team Match---------------------
Pair-a-sailing----------------Team match-----------------Easy
Order up----------------------Team match-----------------Easy
Dungeon Duos------------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Cheep Cheep Sweep-------------Team Match---------------------

d)Battle Mini Games

I've only got four out of the six Battle games so this section isn't complete
either. Yeh, well I'm getting bored of writing all these little summary
sentences for everything so Lets get on with it:

Trace race--------------------Team Match---------------------
Chain Chomp Fever-------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Paths of peril----------------Team Match---------------------
???---------------------------Team Match-----------------Easy
???---------------------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Rumble Fishing----------------Team Match-----------------Easy

e)Bowser Mini Game

There are only three Bowser games and they are all Team Match and Easy. Here
they are once again listed below:

???---------------------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Fruits of doom----------------Team Match-----------------Easy
Balloon of Doom---------------Team Match-----------------Easy

f)Storymode mini games

These games are acquired only in 1-player mode. Unfortunately I have only found
one, since I haven't played one player much. None of them are Team Match or
Easy, making this section completely pointless. Here it is:

Goomba's Chip Flip------------------------------------------

g)etc. mini games

I have no idea what these "etc." mini games are but all I know is that there are
three of them, and none of them are Team Match or Easy. Because of this I have
no need to right anything.

I will update soon...