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Mario Party 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

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Mario Party 3 Cheats

If you don't enter a name for yourself when you create a new save file and leave the field blank, the game will randomly pick a classic Nintendo character name for you (this means it will using something like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and other names)

Unlock Bonus mini-games

  1. When you complete Story mode, you unlock the Backtracks, Waluigi's Island, and Stardust Battle mini-games in Party mode.
  2. When you play all the (non-bonus) mini-games you unlock the Dizzy Dinghies mini-game.
  3. Collect over 1000 coins in Game Guy's Room, and a single player Mario's Puzzle Party mini-game is unlocked.

Character's Face on Mt. Mariomore
When you complete Story mode, the character that you used to finish the mode will appear on Mt. Mariomore.

During gameplay, press L to hear your character's taunt while on a game board (this won't work in a mini-game).

Classic saved game names
Create a new saved game file, but do not enter a name. The game will automatically name the file after a classic Nintendo character.

Miracle Star
Earn an "S" rank more than 8 times on the duel and board levels.


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Easy Win on Party Mode
When a CPU is about 2 get a star, just pause, go into the change controller menu, and make the CPU a human. Then, when offered the star, say no and they will miss it!!! Will not always work unless you have 4 controllers


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Extra Game Boards
Extra Game Boards:
Complete story mode to unlock extra boards in Party Mode.

Get an *S* rank easy!
In battle royle map and dule map have 2 stars but
don't need to be in 2ed place and win 100 cions
in Mini-games. In dule map need 4 lives not 5 or 3 and you need to have 2 of the same parthers.
Ultra Star
Earn the rank of S on more then 8 of your stars, and you will be the ultra star when you beat the game.
unlock: 55-90 turns!
Unlock game guy's game room first get 10,000 cions.