Mario Kart: Super Circuit Glitches

Koopa Beach 1 shortcut
In Koopa Beach 1 in the Extra Lightining Cup there is a glitch where there is a way to make the game think you completed a whole lap when you actually didn't. Course times of under 1 minute are possible with this.

NOTE: At step 2 if you drive too far out Lakitu will drop you off away from the finish line and instead put you somewhere else and you will have to start over!

First, drive until you get to the first space of water breaking up the road.

Second, turn SHARPLY to the right and drive under water and then go straight ahead close to where the deep water & the shallow water (you can drive on) meet.

Third, make SURE that you drive past the finish line while your still under water and quikly turn around so that you are facing it.

Fourth, wait where you are until lakitu picks you up or you drive out of the water yourself.

Last, you then need to drive across the finish line (obviously) then you have completed your 1st lap. Continue doing this until all 5 laps have been completed and you finish!