Mario Golf Cheats

Mario Golf cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Hidden man
A man who says he is on your side is hiding in the western area of the Raven Woods course.
Locations of powerups
  • On the bookshelf in the room to the right of the Director's room.
  • On the cabinet in the Club Maker's hut.
  • To the left of the Peach Castle course entrance.
Man in palm club
A man is hiding on the far side of the Palm Club putting green. (Note: Find all three hidden characters for 300 points.)
Peach's court
Defeat all four champions in a match game and finish in first place in all four courses.
Play as Grace, Tiny, and Gene Yuss
To play as these club champs, beat them in a tournament or match game using your character.
Defeat Putts with a custom character.
The Hood
One of the kids responsible for leaving golf balls scattered around the course is hiding in the northern area of the Tiny Tots course.
Unlimited Hole Retrys
To retry a hole from the beginning, before you finish the hole, save the game and exit. When you return to the game, you'll be back at the start of the hole.
Finish first in the club tournaments and defeat all of the club masters.


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lefty hitter
Hold Select and press A to choose a golfer.
Replay Shot
While a bad shot is in flight, press A + B + Start + Select to reset the game. Then, load the saved game file to replay the shot.