Super Mario 64 review
Super Mario 64 review

The good:

- One of the greatest Mario games of all time
- Fan favourite
- Great controls
- Fun to play
- Loads of replay value

The bad:

- Can get a little frustrating due to Mario sometimes going where you don't want him to.


Super Mario 64. One of the humblest and most recognized of the Mario games. While the 2D Mario games may be easier to control, the 3D Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 gave fanboys, collectors and general gamers a massive taste of what was to be.

The game basically features the same story as most Super Mario games. Bowser has taken the princess, and you have to save her some way or another.
But instead of bashing blocks with his head and fist, Mario is now in 3D.

The controls of this game need to be learned, but can be learned extremely easily.
The analog stick in the middle of the N64 Pad moves Mario, A makes him jump. Those are the basics you need. And any other control is easily learnt and they are very easy to execute on an N64 pad.

The levels in the game are detailed, have deep, sharp color, and have lots of different characters in them, such as Bomb-Ombs, Chain Chomps, Goombas etc.
The maps are quite big and they are big places to explore, although if you go past the boundaries of the map you're supposed to stay on, it can get glitchy. But that also is very fun.

There are fun little items to collect as well. Once you kill an enemy, you can get coins which, if you have lost some health, revives your health gage. There are also the 2D-Mario-like boxes that you jump and hit. The power ups in these boxes are, to name a few, invincibility, coins, flame power ups and a lot more. The maps and power ups really are very fun to play.
The maps range in the mood they set, with the setting of the actual map. Some maps are like traditional Mario gardens, some are ice-lands with lots of snow and some are even mostly underwater levels.
The princess's castle is very large, and has lots of doors which lead to different 64 Bit portraits you have to jump in to get to a level.
It even has a garden, but beware, it's sometimes filled with Boos (ghosts in Mario).
There are loads of levels to do in the game, and there are little mini games, or sub levels inside them. The levels involve you collecting Bowser's stars at the end, once you beat the boss at the end.

The enemies in the game are traditional Mario opponents. Goombas, which you jump on to kill, Bomb Ombs, which you have to throw, then they blow up (don't get too close!), Chain Chomps, which you have no option but to avoid and a few more that only appear in minor levels.
The boss levels are relatively easy. For example, King Bomb Omb just has to be thrown around a few times, and Bowser in his secret level has to be spun and thrown. So they really are quite easy to beat, but fun nonetheless. You have to find these bosses, but they are in obvious places, so don't worry too much about that.

The game is also very popular with speedrunners, so if you are interested in speedrunning, look at some guys doing this game fast.

It's also a very easy game to find on the N64, easily one of the top ten most popular games on the system, which means the cartridges are plentiful and cheap to buy. Although, you can get the law involved by downloading an emulator and using a rom file. Highly inadvisable.

This game provides so much fun for absolutely anyone, it really is one of the greatest and most remembered games of all time. You really do feel like you want to complete it once you start playing.

The graphics are excellent for the 64 bit system, and they could even be comparable to the 128 bit Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Especially with the red expansion pak.

The game cartridge also has an internal battery that will store your game files, rather than having to go out and buy an N64 controller pak to save games. But there is a downside. If the battery runs out, you have to start all over again with a new cartridge if you want to progress. But that is also very fun, because as I explained before, you'll find it that you'll be playing this game, whatever level, for at least an hour before you even start to think about playing another game.

Be sure to pick up the game in it's original box, because the box art is awesome. Also, it's a must-have for collectors to have the box, and you'll find you may even enjoy the game more if you have the box.

So, summarizing, the game is one awesome one for the N64. If you own an N64 and still like to play the games on it, chances are you have this game. But if you don't, it should be very high on your wish list. It's excellent and I really do recommend it to anyone. The graphics are clear, the controls are excellent for the sometimes-hard N64 pad, and the gameplay is some of the best I've seen on the N64 and on any other game too.

The reason why it didn't get a 5/5 is because it lacks the hardcore gaming awesomeness you get with a game like Bangai-O for the Dreamcast or Yars Revenge for the Atari 2600. It's sort of a relaxing game. It doesn't get intense. Yes, you will enjoy it, but you're not going to get pumped up playing it. It's simply Mario fun.
For those reasons, it get's a 4.5/5 from me. Pick it up.

Thanks for reading.

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