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Super Mario 64 review
Shigueru Myamotos Greatest Hit

The good:

Puzzles. Bowser. Replay ability, which I did 4 times. Moves. Suberb Game Engine. Great Graphics, unless your a spoiled comp. fan. Plot. Level Design. How you can get all the stars and still not know everything the game has to offer, without a lot, and I mean A LOT of Exploring. Not too hard not too easy. Just Perfect.

The bad:

Nothing really, except ametuers might have trouble with the camera, although I dont. No Luigi.


The game is great, theres all the classic stuff crammed into it, like the turtle shell,Ghosts and such. Great and innovative level design, positively enchanting. I had a really great gaming experience with this game, terrain is awesome kind of like in the Snow levels there different kinds of snow and ice and dirt and things like that. enemies are challenging like the giant "Bubba" fish and the Bomb-Ombs. The audio's marvelous, the game play is inspiring, words cannot describe the perfection of this game. Its just so fun, you can dive bomb unsuspecting enemies, collect the caps, jump in all sorts of easy to remember button and control combinations, the sheer majesty of this game keeps me playing it even today. Also, you can beat the game, or MASTER IT. you can get 70 stars and BEAT the game, OR you can MASTER the game by getting....120 STARS! Or you can COMPLETE your skills by getting ALL the coins! either way this game is terriffic. Two thumbs ups, Hooray, and lots of whistling is what this game deserves. Go ahead, buy a copy if you like. You wont regret it, unless you have no appreciation for classics or your just down right ignorant of just what it takes to make a game, a GREAT GAME. This game slightly exceeds O. O. T. although there both good games, believe me you could not give evough praise for such a masterpiece as this.

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