Super Mario 64 review
First N64 game is good

The good:

Lasts quite a while too.

The bad:

Not enough bosses.
Camera is a real pain in the rear end.


Lastability: 7/10.
You need at least 70 Stars, which takes a fair while, and then you can collect a lot more to get them all, taking ages. What happens when you get them all? Not much, but hey, it's something to do.
Graphics: 9/10.
For a first with 3D graphics that's going to be on the new system (yeah, we know about Star Fox being the first 3D Nintendo game that is complete), these are pretty impressive. Mario looks like Mario, Bowser like Bowser and Toad like Toad.
Sound: 9/10.
Soundtrack is memorable and thank god they did a good job here because it is a great one to listen to. Sound effects are also good. Mario's voice is also well done. Actually I thought all the voices (when they existed) were pretty good.
Gameplay: 9/10.
Simple concept: Go into a painting, get stars, get to the bigger door with the large star, go through a level and defeat Bowser to get a key to enter the next floor. Repeat twice before finishing the game. Don't worry folks, it works very well. Some stars require just finding them, others require defeating a boss, others require winning at minigames and some are just "find 8 Red Coins" (which you can do at the Bowser levels as well). Well done Nintendo.
Overall: 4.5/5.0
One of the first and best games on the Nintendo 64. Well worth a purchase. Well done Nintendo!

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