: : : : : : : TO BOOS BALCONY (Big boos haunt)

Super Mario 64 Tips

TO BOOS BALCONY (Big boos haunt)
Go to boos hounted house then go up the stairs (if you have got them) go to the door on the right there is only 1 door on the right side of the upstairs wall go through that door and go to the brown platform where the red box is jump under the red box and a flower should be there you have to be mario for this though by the way when you jump on the flower mario will/should turn fat!!! keep pressing the A button to make him go higher on to a different platform when you are hovering over the top platform press the R button to land then go through the door then you can save luigi if you go through the picture or ground-pond the blue button to make blue coins appear you only get 10 secounds before they disapear or if you go to the double doors in there go through there and you will be at BIG BOOS BALCONY!!!!!!!! hurt boo 3 times by hitting him or grouynd-ponding him try not to fall off the balcony when you have finnaly won him get the red box from the side then float to the top and get the star if you cannot do it contact me at 07769590238 or email me my email is on show thank you x