Super Mario 64 Glitches

How to complete the game with 0 stars. (Method 2)
So when you start the game, keep long jumping to the castles entrance. As you reach the little bridge that leads to the castle door, long jump at the beginning of the bridge then do a slide attack in air and jump again and do another slide attack and you will be by the door and Lakitu should be standing there, but he will be unsolid so just go through him and enter the castle.

In the castle go to the right door (not the left one) which leads to the basement, and go to the left wall by the stairs which lead to the locked basement door. Stand somewhere in the middle or near the middle of the wall and double jump and if done correctly, Mario should pull himself up through the ceilling and appear in a rather weird place, don't move in that place, otherwise you will go through the wall and appear in the castle main hall. So instead do a backwards long jump in the there and as soon as Mario lands, he will make a weird noise and first appear by the 1st Bowsre door, but then he will go through it and you will enter the 1st Bowser level. Defeat Bowser and get the key to the beasement.

Go to the basemnet door and open it. Once you are in the basement go to the Second Bowser door (the door with the big star on it), turn away from it so that Mario is facing you, then do a backwards long jump and tilt your joystick (the analog stick on the N64 Controller) to the right and up so that Mario long jumps back into the corner of the door (where the door meets the wall), so then instead of landing after the long jump, Mario will freeze in air and start making weird noises again. Mario will go through the door and start going by the 2nd Bowser's room wall and he will go in to the water, but he will not enter the water level but instead he will eneter the 2nd Bowser level.
Defeat Bowser and get the key to enter the Top Floor.

Enter the Top Floor, and as sonn as you did go to the left wall (a bit further on of the left wall) before the stairs start, face the wall and jump twice and Mario will go through the wall and appear on the other part of the stairs, there turn Mario to the left and do a backwards long jump to the right wall and if done correctly you will go through the wall and appear in the room where the clock is and at the same time a camera hack will be done and the camera view will be weird and all the doors in that room will be unsolid, so go to the Final Bowser's door and the endless stairs in there won't be endless (because they haven't configured yet) just go up these stairs eneter the final Bowser level and Defeat Bowser! That's it!