Super Mario 64 Glitches

Complete Super Mario 64 with 0 Power Stars!
So for this you need to know how to do the Moon Jump Hack.

This is a hack, not a glitch.

So at the start of the game, when Mario jumps out of Warp Pipe and as soon as he lands on the ground, before the warp pipe disappears do the Moon Jump Hack and Mario flies up and the warp stays instead of disappeasring and becomes unsolid, so you can go through it. When Mario lands after the Moon Jump, Do the hack again and jump throgh the tower (Don't let Lakitu talk to you) and fall inside the castle (into the the weird room) and then walk through the door and when you appear in a different room, do the Moon Jump and you will go through the wall and the castle music won't be playing. Go to the 1st Bowser Star door, Stand by it and the sign "you need 8 stars to enter this door" will appear, so press X and do the Moon Jump hack and you wiil go through the door. Beat the Fisrt Bowser, then when you have access to the basement go to the star door and do the same thing and beat the second bowser and get access to the top floor, then as soon as you pass the door go to the right wall and do the Monn Jump hack and you will appear in the room where the clock is and go to the Final Bowser door, then go to the endless stairs do the hack for those stairs (there are many hacks for it) and beat Final Bowser and that's it!