Super Mario 64 Tips

Star on mushroom- Tall, Tall mountain
To get the star on the mushroom- Part 1
At the start of tall tall mountain, there is a path with Goombas in it. Don't go that way, instead go left and there will be a narrow path leading up to a 1-up mushroom. Get the mushroom and go right to the corner where the mushroom was and jump off. A gust of wind should pick you up and drop onto a higher part of the mountain. Defeat the purple bob-oxing guy and walk the bridge.on the other side there is a part where you have to jump over a gap. DO NOT jump, instead walk down in between it. There will be a cannon bob-omb, talk to him to get the cannon ready.
Part 2
Jump down the right side and land in the water. Swim out and go the Goomba way this time. Long jump over the two gaps, and stop at the mushroom gorge. There is a block with a  
'!' marked on it.  Get the 1-up mushroom inside and get off the mushroom on the right side. You should be standing next to a corner. A very narrow secret ledge is under the sticking out corner. You need to carefully, walk about 2 feet and slowly fall off. You should land on the ledge beneath you.
Walk slowly to the left side and there will be yet another super narrow path. Lean against the wall and walk across. A cannon will be there. Aim yourself towards the mushroom with the star on it and shoot your way across to the star.
Aim high so you do not fall below, but do not aim to high or you might go past the mushroom or might land in front of the mushroom.