Super Mario 64 Tips

The Butterflies' Secrets
At Tiny/Huge Island, you will find butterflies flying around. These aren't normal butterflies, though. Rather than fly around in circles like normal butterflies, these butterflies fly away. When you find one of these butterflies, punch at it. It will either turn into a bomb and explode, causing damage, turn into a rogue bomb that will follow you until it hits you, or a 1up mushroom.

Outside in the castle's courtyard, make your way over to the left side of the courtyard with all the trees and waterfall. Keep walking around on the grass until three butterflies pop out. Like the butterflies at Tiny/Huge Island, these butterflies fly away and disappear, as normal butterflies continually fly around in circles. Punch at the butterflies, and one of them will turn into a 1up mushroom.