Super Mario 64 Glitches

Beating the Game with 16 Stars
Obtaining 16 stars

To beat the game with fifteen stars, first you have to go to Bob-omb Battle Field. Beat as many objectives as you can, then go to Whomp's Fortress. Beat as many objectives there as you want until you have seven stars. Go and beat Bowser the first time and you will get the basement key. Open the door and go to Shifting Sand Land. Beat as many stages there as you can, then go to Lethal Lava Land and beat as many objectives as you can. After that, go to Hazy Maze Cave. Again, beat as many objectives as you can until you have fifteen stars. The rabbit appears in the flooded hallway. Catch him and he will give you the sixteenth star.

NOTE: you MUST have sixteen stars at this point, or the whole cheat is useless!!

Bypassing door #1 and 2

After you caught the bunny, take him to the door that you took to enter the flooded hallway from the room with the star door leading to the Second Bowser. Place him as close to the door as possible and open the door. Try to walk back through the door before it closes. If you did the trick correctly, you should be stuck in the wall. Grab the bunny and drag him through the door over to the star door. Long Jump backwards and you will be behind door number 2 (the star door). Go and beat the Second Bowser and take the key upstairs to the locked door. Open the door and proceed up the stairs (you might know the jump-through-ceiling-glitch). Now go immediatley to the foot of the red stairs.

Bypassing Door #3 and 4

When you get to the foot of the stairs on the 2nd floor, jump backwards as fast as you can aiming towards the wall and door #3 in a 45 degree angle. If done correctly, you will fly through the door (star door) and you will be on the third floor. Go up to door #4 (the door leading to the final showdown with Bowser) and walk through the door (it will say you need 70 stars, but it lets you through anyway).

Outsmarting the Eternal Staircase

When you get inside the door, the eternal staircse music will come on if you try to climb the staircase the normal way. To climb the staircase the glitchy way, backward jump aiming towards the upstairs and the wall at a 45 degree angle like the other time. If done correctly, you will be on the level that leads to the final Bowser. Jump through the chute and you will be on the last Bowser stage. Beat Bowser and you will have successfully completed the game with 16 stars.

NOTE: this cheat HAS been done by multiple people and can be done. The trick takes patience and skill, so attempt at own risk.