Super Mario 64 Glitches

Cartridge Glitch
Note: Messing around with the console while it is running holds a risk of damage to either the console or the game.

Once you start a game and see Mario standing in the field area, go to your N64 and apply pressure to the RIGHT side of the game cartridge while GENTLY lifting up the left side. You will hear the sound screw up and sound like computer beeps and Mario will lay down and halfway sink into the ground with his face and body (with no legs) facing up. Moving Mario like this causes his animations to act screwy. Lastly when you swim you just skate around on the bottom.

The catch is you can't go through a door or else it freezes. You can't get the wing cap where yoshi is or it freezes (but you can get in the cannon and launch out of it). You can't climb a tree (you can get on it but you cant move after that - the game doesn't freeze though).

Just make sure that when you reset the game push in the cartridge all the way befre reseting.