Super Mario 64 Unlockables

Cap Switch Courses
Want to make those blocks solid? Here is where to find those cap switch courses.
CapWhere To Find The Course
Wing Cap (Red)First, collect stars until light starts to shine down into the main hall of the castle, then go there. In front of you there should be a dip in the floor where a sun marking is painted. Stand in the middle of it. Now, press C Up and look straight up at the sky. You will be taken to these stage.
Metal Cap (Green)Go to Hazy Maze Cave and head to the underground lake. Hop on Nessie and ride her to the raised exit. Go through the door and jump in the pit at the end.
Vanish Cap (Blue)In the basement go right from the door to where Hazy Maze Cave entrance is. Go through that door and swim through to the next room. Perform ground pounds on the two platforms to drain the water and go through the door to reach the moat outside. Go left (Mario's right) to reach a hole in the floor that leads to this course.