Super Mario 64 Cheats

Super Mario 64 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Super Mario 64 cheat codes.


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Cap Switch Courses
Want to make those blocks solid? Here is where to find those cap switch courses.
CapWhere To Find The Course
Wing Cap (Red)First, collect stars until light starts to shine down into the main hall of the castle, then go there. In front of you there should be a dip in the floor where a sun marking is painted. Stand in the middle of it. Now, press C Up and look straight up at the sky. You will be taken to these stage.
Metal Cap (Green)Go to Hazy Maze Cave and head to the underground lake. Hop on Nessie and ride her to the raised exit. Go through the door and jump in the pit at the end.
Vanish Cap (Blue)In the basement go right from the door to where Hazy Maze Cave entrance is. Go through that door and swim through to the next room. Perform ground pounds on the two platforms to drain the water and go through the door to reach the moat outside. Go left (Mario's right) to reach a hole in the floor that leads to this course.
Castle Secret Stars
These stars are not found in the main courses but are dotted around either the castle itself or mini-levels.
Secret StarHow To Obtain
Secret Slide 1Once you have obtained several stars, you can unlock the door in the top right of the castle. In here there are three stained glass pictures of Princess Toadstool. Jump into the right side window to enter the secret slide. To grab the star, all you need to do is get to the bottom in one piece
Secret Slide 2Re-enter the secret slide. This time you have to get to the bottom in 20 seconds or less. If you're struggling then consider these tips:is: Ride down the start of the track and as the wall to your left starts to dissapear, veer to the left and jump off. Control your landing onto a later part of the course and press Z as you are about to land so you don't fall off. This should cut some time off.
Secret AquariumIn the room with the Jolly Roger Bay painting there are two holes up in the walls either side of the room. Once leads to this mini-level. Collect the red coins for the star.
Wing Cap Switch CourseCollect the red coins in the Wing Cap Switch course.
Metal Cap Switch CourseCollect the red coins in the Metal Cap Switch course.
Vanish Cap Switch CourseCollect the red coins in the Vanish Cap Switch Course
Bowser in the Dark WorldCollect all the red coins in the Bowser in the Dark World stage.
Bowser in the Fire SeaCollect all the red coins in the Bowser in the Fire Sea stage.
Bowser in the SkyCollect all the red coins in the Bowser in the Sky stage.
Basement Rabbit 1Collect 20 stars to make a rabbit appear in the basement tunnels. Catch it for a star.
Basement Rabbit 2Collect 50 stars to make the rabbit reappear in the basement tunnels. Catch it for another star.
Toad 1Speak to the Toad next to the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave
Toad 2In the ring corridor past the last locked door, across from the door that leads to the entrance to Tiny-Huge Island.
Toad 3Through the star door that requires 50 stars at the side of the huge clock.
Over The RainbowIn the room through the 50 star door where the large clock is there are two alcoves up in the walls to the left and right. Once leads to this stage, where 8 red coins gains you a star.


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100 Coins
One of the ways that people don't get all of the stars in the game is because of the 100 coin stars. Make sure you get 100 coins in each level or else you won't be able to see Yoshi.
2-3 Without Cannon
On world 2-3, go to the cannon. Don't jump in, but instead go down a bit. Wall kick and try to jump up on the ledge. If you can find the spot, you will jump up to the ledge and you can get the star.
Go up the stairs and go to the room on the right you need 1-3 stars to open the door when you are in the door jump inside the picture of peach on the right side when you go down first time you will get a star when you go down again you have to be down at the bottom 20.50 secs and then you will get a secret star (you can be anybody)
Beat Boos More Easily
When you are fighting a Boo, don't run round it to punch it. Instead, face away and let it approach from behind you, then jump and do a Ground Pound. Mario should slam down as the Boo passes below and it will still be solid.
Blue Coins From Giant Goombas
Go to tiny huge island and go to the part of the level where their are giant goombas. Walk up to one of those goombas, jump in the air and do a pound ground to defeat them and a blue coin will pop up instead of a normal yellow one.

This will really help you when you want to get the one hundred coin star on this course.
Bowser in the Sky Shortcut
In the final bowser stage when you see the first rotating elevator there is a little shortcut you can take here. Do a backflip off it up to the ledge that's sticking out over the elevator. You will have skipped a whwomp and other enemies and obstacles.
Coins From Upright Logs
In any world that has those wooden poles sticking out of the ground, don't ground pound them, but instead run around them. Do this until 5 coins shoot out of the pole.
Cool Cool Mountain Bridge Teleport
When you start the level you should be facing a house with the penguin race in it. If you go right there is a broken bridge. walk as close to the edge of the bridge as you can and you will teleport to another broken bridge at the bottom of the mountain. This works both ways but you can't teleport with the baby penguin.
Destroy Bubbles (Bob-omb Battlefield)
You can use a bob-omb to blow up a falling bubble-bomb, but you have good timing. Start walking while carrying a bob-omb, then just throw it up into the air when you hear the audio cue. You will hit a falling bubble, before it has even bounced once, and destroy it.
Easier Red-Hot Rolling Logs Star in Lethal Lava Land
Requires the red cap blocks to be solid. Instead of going right through the course, go up and jump. Fall into the lava and use the bounce from the lava to reach the side with the rolling eye (only in one hit or you'll die if two hits). Run circles around it to kill it. Go into the hole where the eye was in. You'll be teleported to a small isle. Get the wing cap shown in this secret place. Triple Jump and Fly. Fly over the fence blocking access to the star. After one inch over the fence, Ground pound. You'll fall in the place with the star. Collect the star. You've just speed ran Red-Hot Rolling Logs in Lethal Lava Land and avoided going the long way around.
Easy Extra Lives
Once you've unlocked the Vanish Cap Switch Course, go down the slope and collect as many lives as possible. If you miss one, make Mario crawl and you can easily climb up the wall again. After you've collected all of the lives on the slope, fall off the edge. You won't lose and life and you will end up in a little pool of water right next to the entrance to the course. Enter the course and repeat as many times as you want.
Every thing has a price...
Do you want to run up steep hills? Get your butt burned by fire(not lava)
and run up a steep hill and you won't slip. But it only last for a second so run fast and don't run into water. GOOD LUCK!!!
Expose Bowser's Tail Easily
Run as far away from Bowser as you can to the edge of the platform and make sure you're facing away and crouching. He will charge at you. When he is about to run into you backflip over him. He will then have to screech to a halt and have to maintain his balance. This makes it easy to grab him and the mines aren't far away either.
Grab The Star Atop The Pyramid Easier (Shifting Sand Land)
To get the star atop the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land eaiser, grab the bouncing box at the beginning of the stage. Aim it towards the tornado over by the pyramid and bounce over there and you will fly up in the sky. Float into the pyramid.
Handy Things in Wet Dry World
Two things, one: jumping into the painting very high will land the water level above what it can get from the colored thingy's.

Two: by lowering the water level there is an invisible warp between the two out croppings of the object that houses the third water level changer. (third starting from bottom up) This warp takes you to the cannon. Nifty and handy.

By doing this you can actually get into the black walls with low water level. Awsome and it is also possible to wall-kick too, either up to the cannon or into the black thing.
Ice Slide Shortcut
First go to the Cool Cool Mountain and choose any star and go inside the cottage. Go down the slide and then when a line of coins go into the wall, follow them and you will find a path. You'll skip the rest of the slide and exit in the last room.

Don't do this when racing the penguin though or else he will accuse you of cheating and not give you the star.
Mario has Skills
Go to the canon outside the castle. Lanch up to the ledge where you met Yoshi. Grab the Winged Cap and hurry back to the cannon. Launch up near the top of the castle. Walk into the walls and you will start walking vertically. Eventually you will be on top of the castle.
Obtaining 999 coins
At the final Bowser, let him spray flames as many times as you want. When the flames disappear, they turn into coins. Keep repeating until you have 999 coins.
Rainbow Ride Shortcut.
Instead of taking that annoying carpet, at the beginning of the level, long jump to the SW direction. If done correctly, you will hit the edge, and you can get all of the coins down here.
Regain Your Cap
If you ever lose Mario's cap, make sure to find it as soon as possible. If you get hit, you will lose more health points than usual.

In Shifting Sand Land the vulture will have it.
In Snowman's Land one of the snowman near the beginning of the stage will have it.
In Tall, Tall Mountain the monkey by the rolling log bridge will have it.
Replenish Health Without Coins
This tip works only if there is a body of water near you. All you do is to dive into the water and swim back up to the surface. Your health meter will then automatically refill.
Respawning Life Mushroom Before Final Bowser
On the 3rd Bowser stage, the top pillar to your left has a 1up in front of it. If you die against Bowser you are sent back here where the mushroom will have appeared again.
Secret Slide in Tall, Tall, Mountain
Proceed up the course using any means necessary until you get to the cloud that pushes you back with wind. When you get there, jump directly at the wall and you will find a secret slide that counts toward the Castle's secret stars! IF you have any questions, feel free to contact me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Shell in Lava Land
First, beat level 5 in the volcano. After beating level 5, select star 5 one more time, and go to the end of the second platform at the beginning. There should be a yellow block. Hit it, and a shell will come out. You can use this to surf on the lava and makes for another way to get star 4.
Shortcut to Delivering Penguin (Cool, Cool Mountain)
At Cool Cool Mountain, grab the penguin above the chimney. Take him to the ledge near the pathway down the mountain. Jump off. If you jump far enough, you will be at the bottom of the mountain. Deliver Penguin to his mother. Easy.
Star on mushroom- Tall, Tall mountain
To get the star on the mushroom- Part 1
At the start of tall tall mountain, there is a path with Goombas in it. Don't go that way, instead go left and there will be a narrow path leading up to a 1-up mushroom. Get the mushroom and go right to the corner where the mushroom was and jump off. A gust of wind should pick you up and drop onto a higher part of the mountain. Defeat the purple bob-oxing guy and walk the bridge.on the other side there is a part where you have to jump over a gap. DO NOT jump, instead walk down in between it. There will be a cannon bob-omb, talk to him to get the cannon ready.
Part 2
Jump down the right side and land in the water. Swim out and go the Goomba way this time. Long jump over the two gaps, and stop at the mushroom gorge. There is a block with a  
'!' marked on it.  Get the 1-up mushroom inside and get off the mushroom on the right side. You should be standing next to a corner. A very narrow secret ledge is under the sticking out corner. You need to carefully, walk about 2 feet and slowly fall off. You should land on the ledge beneath you.
Walk slowly to the left side and there will be yet another super narrow path. Lean against the wall and walk across. A cannon will be there. Aim yourself towards the mushroom with the star on it and shoot your way across to the star.
Aim high so you do not fall below, but do not aim to high or you might go past the mushroom or might land in front of the mushroom.
Stop the Tick Tick Clock
Go to the tick tock clock ledge before you enter the course. When the big hand reaches the 12 jump in.
Tall Tall Mountain Shortcut
This is very easy. Go to Tall Tall Mountain. Instead of taking the long way to the top of the mountain, there is a very easy shortcut that even my dog can pull off. When you start off in the level, there will be Goombas in front of you. Don't go that way. Go the other way until you see a narrowing ledge with a 1-up at the end of it. Go to the end of this ledge and grab the one up. Now jump off the ledge (no, seriously). There will be a large gust of wind that will lift you up and drop you at the top of the mountain, at least 1/2 way through the level!
Tall, Tall Mountain "Shortcut" (Scale the mountain)
When you start, there is water in front of you. Swim in the water twords the left and stand on the edge of the wall. (Triangle edged wall) Crawl up the wall and it will take u to a space where a Pink Bob-omb is. You can continue to crawl up the wall to where the Monkey is. ;3
The Butterflies' Secrets
At Tiny/Huge Island, you will find butterflies flying around. These aren't normal butterflies, though. Rather than fly around in circles like normal butterflies, these butterflies fly away. When you find one of these butterflies, punch at it. It will either turn into a bomb and explode, causing damage, turn into a rogue bomb that will follow you until it hits you, or a 1up mushroom.

Outside in the castle's courtyard, make your way over to the left side of the courtyard with all the trees and waterfall. Keep walking around on the grass until three butterflies pop out. Like the butterflies at Tiny/Huge Island, these butterflies fly away and disappear, as normal butterflies continually fly around in circles. Punch at the butterflies, and one of them will turn into a 1up mushroom.
TO BOOS BALCONY (Big boos haunt)
Go to boos hounted house then go up the stairs (if you have got them) go to the door on the right there is only 1 door on the right side of the upstairs wall go through that door and go to the brown platform where the red box is jump under the red box and a flower should be there you have to be mario for this though by the way when you jump on the flower mario will/should turn fat!!! keep pressing the A button to make him go higher on to a different platform when you are hovering over the top platform press the R button to land then go through the door then you can save luigi if you go through the picture or ground-pond the blue button to make blue coins appear you only get 10 secounds before they disapear or if you go to the double doors in there go through there and you will be at BIG BOOS BALCONY!!!!!!!! hurt boo 3 times by hitting him or grouynd-ponding him try not to fall off the balcony when you have finnaly won him get the red box from the side then float to the top and get the star if you cannot do it contact me at 07769590238 or email me my email is on show thank you x
Unlimited 1-UP's
Outside of the castle in front of the front door main entrance cross the bridge and turn left, proceed into this direction towards the waterfall keep going until you reach the tree closest to the fence, Climb the tree and jump out and proceed to collect your 1-UP then reenter the castle then come back outside go to the same tree and the 1-UP will continue to respawn repeat this process for unlimited 1-UP's.
Warp Shortcuts In Bob-omb Battlefield
For the first go past the bridge and hop over the fence. Stand in the middle of the yellow flower patch to the warped to another one near the base of the mountain.

For the second go to the hole you see in the mountain so far up. Go into it and stand near the middle of the back wall and you should be warped to the hole just under the summit.

These warps work two way and are allowed for the race against Koopa the Quick.
Whomp's Fortress Shortcut
At the Whomp's Foretress level, go to the place over by the green ! box. Long jump towards the corner and if done correctly, you will by the vertical moving platforms leading up to the giant whomp. I did this objective in only one minute.
Whomp's Fortress Warp Shortcut
Go over by the corner near where the metal cap block is and wait there. You will reappear by the tall pole much closer to the tower/boss fight. Like others, this is a two way warp.


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100 coin star ggitch
At Whomp's Fortress, if you jump on the thwomp on the stairs and grab that red coin (coin total should be 100) the star will be in the fflating island above you.
backwards facing boo
Go to where boo usually is, NOT THE COURTYARD! and he will be facing you. Then go to the room where the portrait of whomps fortress is and go to the wall on the left side. stick to the wall and shimmy to the white pillar. now walk back to the boo and he will be facing the door! now chace him like you would normally and big boo will laugh and fly like normal!

Beating the Game with 16 Stars
Obtaining 16 stars

To beat the game with fifteen stars, first you have to go to Bob-omb Battle Field. Beat as many objectives as you can, then go to Whomp's Fortress. Beat as many objectives there as you want until you have seven stars. Go and beat Bowser the first time and you will get the basement key. Open the door and go to Shifting Sand Land. Beat as many stages there as you can, then go to Lethal Lava Land and beat as many objectives as you can. After that, go to Hazy Maze Cave. Again, beat as many objectives as you can until you have fifteen stars. The rabbit appears in the flooded hallway. Catch him and he will give you the sixteenth star.

NOTE: you MUST have sixteen stars at this point, or the whole cheat is useless!!

Bypassing door #1 and 2

After you caught the bunny, take him to the door that you took to enter the flooded hallway from the room with the star door leading to the Second Bowser. Place him as close to the door as possible and open the door. Try to walk back through the door before it closes. If you did the trick correctly, you should be stuck in the wall. Grab the bunny and drag him through the door over to the star door. Long Jump backwards and you will be behind door number 2 (the star door). Go and beat the Second Bowser and take the key upstairs to the locked door. Open the door and proceed up the stairs (you might know the jump-through-ceiling-glitch). Now go immediatley to the foot of the red stairs.

Bypassing Door #3 and 4

When you get to the foot of the stairs on the 2nd floor, jump backwards as fast as you can aiming towards the wall and door #3 in a 45 degree angle. If done correctly, you will fly through the door (star door) and you will be on the third floor. Go up to door #4 (the door leading to the final showdown with Bowser) and walk through the door (it will say you need 70 stars, but it lets you through anyway).

Outsmarting the Eternal Staircase

When you get inside the door, the eternal staircse music will come on if you try to climb the staircase the normal way. To climb the staircase the glitchy way, backward jump aiming towards the upstairs and the wall at a 45 degree angle like the other time. If done correctly, you will be on the level that leads to the final Bowser. Jump through the chute and you will be on the last Bowser stage. Beat Bowser and you will have successfully completed the game with 16 stars.

NOTE: this cheat HAS been done by multiple people and can be done. The trick takes patience and skill, so attempt at own risk.
Cap in Hand On Shifting Sand Land
In Shifting Sand Land let the eagle take your cap (must select any star expect the first when entering the stage). Take it back from the eagle but don't put it on. Go to the tree near you and teleport to the corner of the course and then teleport back. Do this several more times and then get your hat. Your cap will appear in Mario's hand.
Cap in Hand On Snowman's Land
Go to the Snowman's Land level upstairs. Get your cap blown off by the giant snowman. Go over to the teleportation tree (it will warp you to a spot). Then walk a little ways and come back to warp again back to where you were. Do this several more times. Go get your cap and when you pick it up it will be in your hand.
Cartridge Glitch
Note: Messing around with the console while it is running holds a risk of damage to either the console or the game.

Once you start a game and see Mario standing in the field area, go to your N64 and apply pressure to the RIGHT side of the game cartridge while GENTLY lifting up the left side. You will hear the sound screw up and sound like computer beeps and Mario will lay down and halfway sink into the ground with his face and body (with no legs) facing up. Moving Mario like this causes his animations to act screwy. Lastly when you swim you just skate around on the bottom.

The catch is you can't go through a door or else it freezes. You can't get the wing cap where yoshi is or it freezes (but you can get in the cannon and launch out of it). You can't climb a tree (you can get on it but you cant move after that - the game doesn't freeze though).

Just make sure that when you reset the game push in the cartridge all the way befre reseting.
Chain Chomp glitch
Go to the Bob-omb battlefield. Go to the place where is Chain Chomp located. There should be a Bob-omb. Grab it. Now run towards the Chain Chomp.(constantly jump with A button to move faster) Throw the Bob-omb into the Chain Chomp and it will then stand upright as if you attacked a Deku Baba in Loz:Oot. But that's not it. Quickly ground-pound the vertical log thing the Chain Chomp is attached to. I suggest you to ground-pound it twice before throwing the Bob-omb to make it easier. If you free Chain Chomp before it comes back down, a cutscene showing the Chain Chomp making one of the stars available will play, but Chain Chomp will be looking into the sky the whole cutscene.
Also watch the video that proves this is real:
<iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Climb Through Objects
This is a trick where Mario pulls himself through the ceiling of two different spots.

One is where right past the second key door. Walk through but instead of going up the stairs, jump up facing and touching the wall to the left and Mario will catch the ceiling and drag himself up through it, landing you past some of the stairs and up above.

The other is where you go to Bomb-Omb Battle Field and proceed to grab hold underneath the first bridge and the climb to the lowest part and release 'A' and Mario climbs through yet again.
Complete Super Mario 64 with 0 Power Stars!
So for this you need to know how to do the Moon Jump Hack.

This is a hack, not a glitch.

So at the start of the game, when Mario jumps out of Warp Pipe and as soon as he lands on the ground, before the warp pipe disappears do the Moon Jump Hack and Mario flies up and the warp stays instead of disappeasring and becomes unsolid, so you can go through it. When Mario lands after the Moon Jump, Do the hack again and jump throgh the tower (Don't let Lakitu talk to you) and fall inside the castle (into the the weird room) and then walk through the door and when you appear in a different room, do the Moon Jump and you will go through the wall and the castle music won't be playing. Go to the 1st Bowser Star door, Stand by it and the sign "you need 8 stars to enter this door" will appear, so press X and do the Moon Jump hack and you wiil go through the door. Beat the Fisrt Bowser, then when you have access to the basement go to the star door and do the same thing and beat the second bowser and get access to the top floor, then as soon as you pass the door go to the right wall and do the Monn Jump hack and you will appear in the room where the clock is and go to the Final Bowser door, then go to the endless stairs do the hack for those stairs (there are many hacks for it) and beat Final Bowser and that's it!
Dead Mario wings to the sky.
Go to course 8 - shifting sand land. Open the cannon and get to it. Grab the wing cap and jump in. Now aim as far as you can to the left and then as far up as it will go. Fire and then repeat. Now aim away and fire and a dead Mario will be flying through the air. However, Mario will properly die and exit the course the moment you touch down on ground or water.
Dont Blast Away The Wall
Get Blast away the wall without the cannon. It is possible, I have heard of it being done. Simply jump to the top of the tower and look at the wall. The star's exposed, but you NEVER BLASTED IT! Now, aim at the star, long jump, and if you're lucky, you'll get the star and never have used the cannon. I consider this Medium/Hard! I have unsuccessfully tried it, but never hit the star.
Entering Wet/Dry World Through Stairs
First, make sure you DO NOT have at least 70 stars, or the cheat will not work.

On the 3rd floor of the castle, (the floor with the clock) proceed to the star door leading to the final showdown with Bowser. A message will appear saying you need at least 70 stars, or else you will just walk on the eternal staircase. Ignore the message and go through anyway. Proceed to the middle of the stairs. Long Jump backwards up the stairs (first do a long jump, but hold Z and the Control Stick down). As soon as you land, press A again. Do so very quickly, and Mario will fly up the stairs. If you get lucky, Mario will go through the stairs and into Wet/Dry World.
Fall Into The Castle
When you`ve gotten all 120 stars, get the wing cap on the castle. Go to the cannon with it and blast off, aiming to land on the central tower where the roof part is (not quite the very top). Face the side of the tower that faces the front of the castle and jump at it. After a few tries you will jump throught and fall in. You will lose half of your health, but you will be in a void behind the door. If you go "out" the door, you will be in the void behind the inside door. To get out, make sure you can see the inside and you can walk through any part of the wall around the door.
Get To Castle Roof Early
What you have to do is go to the right side of the castle and do a double jusp on the hill slant. It may take awhile, but you can latch on the the edge of the castle and jump up. Eventually, after some more jumps, you will get to Yoshi and give him a nice surprise.

You need 120 stars to get to Yoshi.
Hang On Wall While Dead
In Wet-Dry World, get into "town", drain the water, and get your life down to two pieces. Go to the platform with the highest diamond but don't touch it. Jump toward the cage and if you're lucky, you will land on the thin wall, lose the last two pieces of life, and grab onto the wall. You will still die as soon as you let go or climb up!
Headless Mario in the Roof (Big Boo's Haunt)
Go to the Big Boo's Haunt stage and enter the shed. Go down the elevator and get off. Get back on, go up, and just before the elevator gets to the top, when the opening is about to Mario's head, run into the wall/roof. Keep trying to push against it, and Mario will stay there, head missing, pushing against a wall that isn't there, and stuck in the roof. He will sound like he is walking in water. Stop pushing to drop.
How to complete the game with 0 stars. (Method 2)
So when you start the game, keep long jumping to the castles entrance. As you reach the little bridge that leads to the castle door, long jump at the beginning of the bridge then do a slide attack in air and jump again and do another slide attack and you will be by the door and Lakitu should be standing there, but he will be unsolid so just go through him and enter the castle.

In the castle go to the right door (not the left one) which leads to the basement, and go to the left wall by the stairs which lead to the locked basement door. Stand somewhere in the middle or near the middle of the wall and double jump and if done correctly, Mario should pull himself up through the ceilling and appear in a rather weird place, don't move in that place, otherwise you will go through the wall and appear in the castle main hall. So instead do a backwards long jump in the there and as soon as Mario lands, he will make a weird noise and first appear by the 1st Bowsre door, but then he will go through it and you will enter the 1st Bowser level. Defeat Bowser and get the key to the beasement.

Go to the basemnet door and open it. Once you are in the basement go to the Second Bowser door (the door with the big star on it), turn away from it so that Mario is facing you, then do a backwards long jump and tilt your joystick (the analog stick on the N64 Controller) to the right and up so that Mario long jumps back into the corner of the door (where the door meets the wall), so then instead of landing after the long jump, Mario will freeze in air and start making weird noises again. Mario will go through the door and start going by the 2nd Bowser's room wall and he will go in to the water, but he will not enter the water level but instead he will eneter the 2nd Bowser level.
Defeat Bowser and get the key to enter the Top Floor.

Enter the Top Floor, and as sonn as you did go to the left wall (a bit further on of the left wall) before the stairs start, face the wall and jump twice and Mario will go through the wall and appear on the other part of the stairs, there turn Mario to the left and do a backwards long jump to the right wall and if done correctly you will go through the wall and appear in the room where the clock is and at the same time a camera hack will be done and the camera view will be weird and all the doors in that room will be unsolid, so go to the Final Bowser's door and the endless stairs in there won't be endless (because they haven't configured yet) just go up these stairs eneter the final Bowser level and Defeat Bowser! That's it!
Invisible Mario from the beginning of the game!
This is not a cheat, it's rather a hack and a glitch at the same time.

So, here's how it's done:
At the start of the game, when the warp pipe appears do the Moon Jump hack before Mario jumps out of the pipe, so instead of jumping out of the pipe he appears invisible (completely invisible!) on the top of the castle, and he will be invisible until you go into the castle.

NOTE: If your game freezes then reset it straight away!
Jump The Stairs
Too jump the stairs after the first keyhole go close too the stairs and go to the left now triple jump and you will hold on too something and then press up and you jump most of the stairs.
Land From Any Height With No Damage
If Mario is sliding and does A or B to get back up he can fall anywhere and just land without sustaining damage.
No Damage Piranha
Walk up to any Piranha Plant quietly, without waking it up. Let it hit you when it's asleep. It will wake up after it hits you. Notice that your power meter appeared, but it doesn't have any damage. Cool huh!
Pirahna Glitch
On Super Mario 64, go to the second world. Jump up the side, then get to the place that has very tiny stairs that you can walk up wihtout jumping. Immediatly do a long jump into the pirahna, and if it works, Mario will turn sideways and the music slows down. You can only jump with Mario once before the game freezes.
Reach The Castle Roof Without The Canon
To get on the roof without the cannon stand right in front of the hill of the waterfall to your left when you start the game. Make it so mario is facing outward to it. Jump then do the mid-air kick and while in the air move back... youll be higher up. Right when you land you have to do it again or else youll slide down. It takes a lot of time and patience. Keep inching to the side and youll eventually get to the side roof.
Swim Without moving!
I'm not a glitcher, but I did find a cool glitch in Super Mario 64. At the place where you start the game, get the Wing Cap. Launch onto the castle, then jump off. Repeat. In mid-flight, your Cap will (should) wear off. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!! The game should make you land in the moat (it needs to be full of water) near the wall opposite the castle, then you'll swim along the wall using Mario's "treading water" animation!
Through the Bridge
Did you know Mario has a special magic ability to pop straight through the first bridge in course 1? Simply go under the bridge, jump and continue to hold 'A', move down to the lowest part of the bridge, then let go of 'A'.
Walk Through Castle Turret Roof
Get onto the roof of the castle and head towards the waterfall but don't jump off. Go right and run to the gray colored platform with the turret roof. Mario should walk right through it and stand on th grey brickwork instead.
Wet-Dry Cannon Zombie
When you go in the cannon, aim a little higher than the sun, then fire yourself at the wall. [When you fall, you should fall back toward the cannon. You should hit the edge right next to the cannon] and lose half of your power. [You should also "bounce" right into the cannon.] Do this again to die and fall in the cannon.
Whomp glitch
Get next to a Whomp. When it hops, jump. If done correctly, you should go right through it.

Easter eggs

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Cinema Camera Change
Make sure you have a second controller plugged into the player 2 prot when you defeat Bowser and finish the game. When Mario flies off to the castle and Peach appears with her Toad guards, you can use the analog joystick on Controller 2 to change the Camera angle. This also works in the game scenes that appear while the credits are rolling.
Extra Ending Dialogue
Get all 120 stars before facing the final Bowser. Beat him, and then he will say some extra dialogue.
Idle Animations
Don't touch the analogue stick while Mario is on a flat surface with no nearby dangers. After a while he will sit down and nod off. A bit after that he will lie down to sleep properly and will even mumble in his sleep.
Jolly Roger Bay Turtle Shell
When you're in Jolly Roger Bay, swim to a shell near the starting point to find a shell in one of them. Press B near it and you will have it in your hands, which makes Mario swim automatically until it disappears.
Mario Runs By Himself
Over by the tree that gives you the extra life outside Princess Peaches Castle, run up the steep grass incline as fast as possible. Mario will slide down and run in a backwards circle. (The higher you get on the grass incline, the longer Mario will run)
Meet Yoshi
Collect all 120 power stars in the game and then go outside the castle. Use the cannon to shoot to the top and find yoshi. He will give you a special jump and 100 lives. This special jump is interesting as it allows for one bounce each time that causes no damage.
Overweight Penguin
After you meet Yoshi and collect 100 lives and your special attack, go to Cold Cold Mountain and select Big Penguin Race. Go down the cabin's chimney. There you will meet the Penguin you met earlier in the game, but he will be huge.
Play With Mario's Face
When you power-up the game Mario's face will appear. Press A to get a hand to appear. You can use this to stretch the different parts of Mario's face. Holding R (right-shoulder button) will keep the changed parts in place. Use B to zoom and the C buttons to change the camera angle.
Slide Shortcut
On Cool, Cool Mountain, go to the slide. About halfway through, there is a trail of coins leading into the wall. Follow them and you'll find a tunnel with 3 1-ups. When you come out, there is a ledge that you'll land on. On that ledge there is a yellow ! block with another 1-up. Enjoy!
The two coins under the castle bridge
There is two coins underneath the bridge of the castle. Wall kick to get them and you'll in return get a 1up.