Mario Tennis: Power Tour review
Mario Tennis: Power Tour (For GameBoy Advance)

The good:

- Excellent gameplay
- Exciting career mode
- All-new Power Shots
- Range of characters to play
- Can choose either singles or doubles
- Can create own name

The bad:

- Cannot create player/s
- Average graphics
- Small academy
- Maximum 5 letter name


This is a very entertaining and fun game. I enjoyed everything about it except the few bad points. Excellent gameplay and PowerShots. You start as a willing teenage tennis player and train to become the best player in the land! PowerShots range from powerful to fast depending on what type of player you wich to be. After every match played, earn career points to improve you and your partners tennis skills. Explore the academy to find hidden items that boost you and your partners skills even more! Choose to make your character a power player, technical player, speedy player and many more. Visit the Power Shot Centre to build your Power Shots which range from power to speedy. Play a casual exhibition match to earn points or to just play against your doubles partner!

Overall this is a very worthwhile game for serious and people who are just looking for a tennis game.

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