Mario Tennis: Power Tour Cheats

Mario Tennis: Power Tour cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mario Tennis: Power Tour cheat codes.


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Do the following to unlock the corresponding character.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
DK Beat in Peach Tournament
Waluigi Beat in Peach Tournament
Luigi Beat in Peach Tournament
Mario Beat in Peach Tournament
Peach Beat in Peach Tournament
Bowser Beat in Peach Tournament
Unlock the following courts by completing the action listed
CourtHow to Unlock
Peach Dome CourtWin either the Doubles OR Singles Peach Tournament
Complete the following to unlock the corresponding difficulties
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Power Tour DifficultyBeat the peach Tournament to unlock the Technical Difficulty
Exhibition DifficultyBeat every player on pro difficulty to unlock the Ace Difficulty
Power Shots
Complete the following training levels to unlock the Power Shot
UnlockableHow to unlock
High-Power ShotL3 Muscle
Curve ShotL1 Spin
Slider ShotL3 Spin
Control ShotL1 Balance
Flashflop ShotL3 Balance
Tackle ShotL1 Body
Stunner ShotL3 Body
Flying ShotL4 Muscle + L2 Jump
Gyro ShotL5 Spin + L3 Balance
Dragon ShotL5 Muscle + L2 Body
Sonic ShotL6 Spin + L4 ESP
Blizzard ShotL6 Speed + L6 Response + L7 Spin
Summoner ShotL7 Muscle + L7 Response + L5 Balance
Specter ShotL8 + Spin + L6 Balance + L6 ESP
Volcano ShotL10 Jump + L10 Muscle + L10 Balance + L10 Body
Running SaveL1 Speed
Superswift SaveL3 Speed
Lunging SaveL1 Jump
High-Jump SaveL3 Jump
Quick SaveL1 Response
Quick-Step SaveL3 Response
Hand-Power SaveL1 ESP
Psychic SaveL4 ESP
Typhoon SaveL4 Jump + L2 Spin
Bubble SaveL4 Spin + L4 Speed
Illusory SaveL5 Speed + L4 Response
Spider SaveL5 Response + L4 Balance
Falcon-Dive SaveL6 Response + L5 ESP
Shark-Bite SaveL8 Speed + L8 Response + L7 Body
Shooting-Star SaveL10 + Response + L10 Jump + L9 ESP
Rainbow SaveL10 Speed + L10 ESP + L10 Spin + L10 Balance
Power ShotLevel 1 Muscle
PS Hall Machines
Beat the following players to unlock the corresponding machines.
MachineHow to Unlock
Treadmill Beat Chris and Kyle at Junior Doubles
Bicep Pump Beat Shawn and Linda at Senior Doubles
Jump Gym Beat Gary and Jet at Senior Doubles
Swift Spin Beat Kyoko and Micki at Senior Doubles
Duck Walk Beat Emi and Roy at Senior Doubles
Rope Climb Beat Skipper and Roy at Varsity Doubles
Reflex Rally Beat Flit and Emi at Varsity Doubles
Tightrope Beat Paula and Whisker at Varsity Doubles
Tacklebot Beat Chas and Mel in the Island Open Doubles
Instinct Drill Beat Donkey Kong and Luigi in the Peach Tournament Doubles


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Chicken and a chick
At the beginning of the game, after u talk like forever, and (assuming ur clay) ace goes to watch alex and tells u to come, well first, go to the training courts and go the little lake, there will be a chicken and its baby chick, blocking the sign, when u talk to it, it goes "cucoo" its very funny
Easy Leveling Up!
I found out an excellent way to level up easier once it starts taking about 350 exp to level up. Just complete varsity net-play training(Kate's Varsity Training) and keep playing it. Each time you beat it(it will be often, trust me, it is easy) you will gain 100 exp making it easy to level up.
Lottery Machine
When you beat the game go to the senior courts and go to the lottery machine when you press the A button at it, 1-UP mushroom will appear.
Secret Airport
There is a secret airport but in order to unlock it, you must come in first in either doubles or singles in the Island Open. Alex will take you to the the star statue. It will open up and you will find out who the masked players were and travel to their land.
The Five 1-Up Mushrooms
The locations:
1) Head to the Training Courts at the Academy, and in the north-east corner there's a lake; read the signpost and it will tell you to swing as many times as you can in ten seconds. Jam on the A and B buttons to make it over 100, and the Water Fairy will appear! She'll give you a level up and then disappear.
2) Outside the Dorms, check either of the Warp Pipes and say yes to jump into it. A 1Up Mushroom will pop out of the Warp Pipe on the other side, promptly followed by you!

3) On the Junior Courts, go to the far right, and there should be an opening downwards to some water taps. In this little area, head as far to the left as you can, and you should find a 1Up Mushroom to get a level up.

4) On the Senior Courts, head to the left, and go through the opening into a small subsection of the Courts. At the end there should be a Drinks Machine. Use it to get a level up.

5) At the Island Open, head to the Outdoor Courts and go as far east as you can. There should be an opening below you so head down through the trees and you'll find a stone statue. Upon examining it, you'll get the following messages: "There's an old statue..." and "I grant greater power to the strong." Basically, complete one of the Island Open competitions, whether Singles or Doubles, and then examine the statue. It'll say "You have done well to come here, possessor of strength. A greater power shall now be yours." and you'll get a 1Up Mushroom.

That is all that I have found.

Unlock Players
To unlock the players that you face in this game, you must either beat them in doubles, or singles, once unlocked, you can play as them and use their awesome power shots in exhibition mode
Very Funny Match up!
If you want a very good laugh, you should do this match-up.

1. Go to exhibition mode, and assuming you have all characters enabled, select the following in a doubles match.

Player 1-Chas
Computer 2- Skipper
Computer 3- Jet
Computer 4- Chad

2. You don't have to have to be Chas, but you switch the characters you want in any way you want.

3. For the best laugh, try putting all the computers in the hardest difficulty possible. The laugh, is the grunts and shouts these characters make, since they all sound the same!
Wario Cameo Appearence
At the beginning where it says "Nintendo!" the voice is wario's, after it says "Camelot!" in waluigi's voice, but the "Nintendo" is in wario's voice, so i guess Nintendo actually didnt completely exclude him from the game?


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Text Typo
When playing through the senior ranks to get to the Island Open, there is a typo when you challenge the Rank 1 Guy. "I hope you don't think you've already one just because you can challenge me."

When the "one" should be "won".


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Champion Difficulty
Once you have unlocked Ace difficulty go to the main menu and press B. Then press select. Change the language to French and go back to exhibition mode. When you choose your difficulty, instead of Ace Difficulty, it says Champion.