Mario Tennis Open User Reviews


Mario Tennis Open User Review

The good:

All right so we have another Mario Tennis game for the 3DS which was released earlier this summer, and being a Mario fan I was looking forward to trying it out. So this review is going to cover I everything I can think of from the game-play to the unlock-able suits, so lets get started.

First I'm going to start with the good of the game-play translated into how easily the characters move and can be controlled. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the mobility of the characters in this game, along with the control. The characters feel pretty solid and they move quite well, based on what type of character you are playing as, speed, power, ext. I though they go after the ball quite well, and simply pressing the L button will make your character dive after the ball, allowing you to make saves. I really liked this feature and found it easy to use. Next I'll cover the good of the characters themselves based on my thoughts of how many characters there are, and who. The game has a decant difficulty level, and the last court in the tournament mode will give you a run.

Overall like in Mario Kart 7 the roster of this game did not fail to surprise me based on the newcomers to the series, and the characters who were taken out. The new characters who really surprised me were Dry Bowser and Luma, I was very happy to see both of these characters. The babies I don't much care for but that's my opinion, and if you are a fan of the babies than you will like their addition. So overall I like the roster though a few charters I used from previous games were taken out. Alright now I will talk about the good of the courts.

I give the courts in this game a 10/10 because they are just great. You have the three classic courts from previous tennis games, such as the clay, hard, and grass courts. Also there are plenty of new courts themed after regular Nintendo Mario titles such as an ice court, or a court inside Peach's castle. Overall I thought these courts were really well done and have a classic Mario feel. Now on to the good of the special games, and the Mii outfits.

The special games are all I could have hoped for with classics coming back such as Ring Shot, and also new ones like Ink Shot. What really makes them shine is the coins you get for completing them which allows you to buy tons of Mii custom material. The customs for the Mii's are really cool and there are a huge amount to buy and chose from. The outfits can be mixed and matched, and they give your Mii awesome skills based on what you prefer. For example the Whomp costume will make your Mii a power character as long as you have everything purchased. This was a great thing to add and it makes you wan't to play the special games.

The DLC or down-loadable content in this game using the AR codes is awesome, and unlocking the different color Yoshi's will keep you coming back for more.

I thought the 3D effects were pretty well done, but it really doesn't effect game-play. The music of the game is awesome and I really enjoy it. Hearing the remix of the Mushroom Kingdom playing during the Peach's Castle court was really nice, and the music that plays during the other courts was well chosen. The music also suits the different types of courts very well and is fairly nice to listen to while playing. The voice acting and sound-effects were also well done, and all I could have hoped for. The graphics are very smooth and the color is great, with the graphics being better than Power Tennis. The courts also have very good graphics with nice bright colors and a spectacular Mario feel.

So overall I had loads of good things to say about this game, but now it's on to the next section.

The bad:

In this bad section I'm going to follow the same pattern as the good section starting with the bad of the game-play in general.

The one thing I really don't like about the way you control characters in this game is the lack of control close to the net. In Mario Power Tennis I really enjoyed playing close to the net and got very good at it. In this game playing close to the net with any character can become difficult because you don't have all that much quick control over you'r swinging. Also I found it a bit disconcerting that the whole of the tournament mode is rather easy, with the finale match being crazy hard.

Overall I thought there could have been more characters in this game, and thought they should have comeback with more from previous Mario tennis games.

I really have nothing bad to say about the courts, because I thought they were the best element of the game.

One of the special games being the Mario Galaxy one were you unlock Luma is a bit difficult, and loads of practice to really get good at it. I have nothing bad to say about the outfits for your Mii's, I thought they nailed this.


So overall I think this is a pretty decant game. I think they did a really good job with the courts and the Mii outfits were an awesome addition. I think they could have done a better job with the characters maybe adding more, or replacing a couple with more classic ones. The game-play is fairly addictive for a spin-off and should keep you playing for a decant amount of time. Overall a great addition to the Mario Tennis series.

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