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Hands Down The Best Multiplayer on the Wii

The good:

-Great Wi-Fi Online Multiplayer
-A fun single player experience
-Tons of unlockable stages, characters and stadium altering "cheats"
-Some of the Best Graphics on the Wii

The bad:

-Many players disconnect on you in Wi-Fi
-The Music is nothing to write home about
-Once you unlock everything, the single player experience becomes dull


Mario Strikers Charged is a soccer based game and is
the sequel to Super Mario Strikers for gamecube.
A wide array of characters and sidekicks make a total of 515 different teams for you to play as, and responsive controls with the wii-mote makes the experience very fun. Games go by fast, and making a comeback is easy with the new mega-strike feature, allowing up to six goals at once. A wide array of items adds a touch of chaos to the game, but can become frustrating when an item was the only thing stoping you from preventing the opponent from scoring
a goal.

The single player offers 3 differe...


A Great Sequel

The good:

  • Quick Gameplay
  • Outrageous Items
  • Tight Controls on the Wii Remote
  • Great Online Play

The bad:

  • Short One Player Mode
  • Occasional Lag Online
  • Can't Play People Outside Your Region


The original Mario Strikers game was released on the Gamecube in late 2005. It brought the fast and frantic gameplay of other Mario sports games to the world of soccer, and worked very well. Playing with a friend was a blast and the multiplayer aspect really prolonged the game's life.

Fast forward to 2007, and you get Mario Strikers Charged, the sequel to the Gamecube soccer outing now on the Nintendo Wii. Fixing some of the issues from the last game, as well as adding many new and improved gameplay mechanics, the first Mario sports outing on the Wii is a success.

The first thing you notic...

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