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Mario Strikers Charged Tips

best way to score goals with some partners
Toad- You can use toad to "toad hop" over goalie with the cross pad. It takes practice and perfect timing to correctly jump over and fool the goalie. I suggest to use it on the goalie's border line.

Dry bones- You can use dry bones skill shoot to stun the goalie and shot while the goalie is recovering. Or you can pass the ball to a near by teammate and score. Also another way is to disappear into the net. Charge up till white and use the cross pad to disappear and appear into the net, but must be near the goalie.

Birdo- Birdo's skill shot is the easiest way to score. Charge up and if any of your opponents are coming after you then use the cross pad to throw them away.

Hammer Bros.- You can use hammer bros. skill shot to bring down the goalie and shoot it in. But you must be near the goalie to make a perfect goal. Use the cross pad to hit the other people and clear your way to do the skill shot.

Shy Guy- Shy guy skill shot is to go towards the goalie and knock him out. Use the skill shot and then go towards the ball and shoot while the goalie is down.