Mario Strikers Charged Cheats

Cool tricks
Here's some good trick for this game:
Charge Pass: As any character just hold B and press A after a couple seconds to charge the ball more and pass it
Charge Lob Pass: Hold B and Z for a bit of time then press A. Same effect a Charge Pass.
Wall Passing: Press Z while running to chip the ball forward slightly then run onto it to "pass it to yourself. When you recover it it will of charged some. It's easier to run along the wall which is why we call it "Wall Passing". Also it;s best used with Toad or Boo but Dry Bones works too.
Keeper Jump: There are several examples of this with different character but I don't know them all so I'll list what I know.
Toad Keeper Jump: Run up towards the keeper and when he leans out quickly use Toad's jump to jump over the keeper and shoot or run in the net with the ball.
Diddy Kong's Keeper Jump: Pretty much the same as Toad's but bit harder IMO.
Wall Pass plus fire combo(Toad): When Toad gets the ball use the wall pass technique till the ball gets white then stand just before the half way line and charge up for a skillshot. It is very likely to go in.
Shell Slide(Bowser): While using a fast character start running then pass the ball to Bowser and quickly press a D-Pad button to block yourself in the shell but somehow you will slide a bit which can nock out further away foes.
Fake-Out: Stand in the oppostion's keeper's area with a charged ball and when the runs and leaps at you quick pass it to a nearby player and shoot very quickly. Will go in a lot of the time.
Chip Goal: As Mario or Luigi walk up to the keeper and as he runs to you just chip the ball. It will sometimes go in easy sometimes it won't go in but it can work.
Counter against Wario's gas bubble: If you're playin' against Wario and he uses his special(gas mask) if your using Bowser or Monty Mole use the ram tackle and you just might hit Wario if he's in the gas bubble. You will get stunned by the gas but Wario will lose the ball and lose his chance for a megastrike,

That's it for now if but I find anything else I'll post it in the cheats section. I am working on a Master Guide for this game so that will help you.