Mario Strikers Charged Tips

Easy Mascot Goals
Here are a few ways to score easy goals using mascots.

Toad - Run in a straight line towards the opposing keeper. Press and directional arrow on the Wii 'mote, when the goalie starts to rush out. You should flip over his head and score one easy goal.

Hammer Bro - To go the left or right wing with a Hammer Bro, on around a 45 degree angle with kritter. Use the directional buttons to fend off any on coming defenders and send the flying into the electric fence. Power up a hammer shot with B, and thats another each goal in the bag.

Dry Bones - Go to the very far corner of the pitch, inline with the other teams goalkeeper, charge up and shot and just before the ball turns white and you do the special shot, press any direction arrow and you should teleport past the keeper and into the goal.
(This is quite hard to do at first. It takes practice. Make sure the keeper is also rushing out for you, and no defenders are around, or it will be impossible.)