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Mario sports mix is yet another Mario spinoff sports game fetureing your most liked Mario characters.

The good:

First I will start with the good of the gameplay for each sport. Starting with Volley ball. I thought this sports gameplay was just as good as I had hoped, this was the sport I was most looking forward to. Based on the characters speed I found the gameplay to be very good as far as control goes, you can move very steady and quickly. You also have a dive move to reach the ball to prevent a score, which I also find works very well. Offensive moves in the sport are great, it is very easy to get the ball, and to jump up and aim your shot. I noticed that faster characters aim their shot better than power characters, but that`s alright because their shots aren't as effective. The power shots are pretty easy to score with, unless the computer is on expert. The good of the defensive move`s in this sport would have to be the diving save, I found it to be a very good defensive move.

Now Dodge ball. The way you move in Dodge ball is well done, again you have good control over your character most of the time. Also catching the ball is easy, just make sure you are facing the character with the ball at all times. Offensive gameplay was well done for this sport, you can throw the ball at your opponents with good accuracy, and I really like the fake throw, which throws your opponents off timing which allows you to hit them. The items in this sport are also nice, because if you press the A button while you have an item and the ball, the ball will turn into the item. It`s easy to hit your opponents with this attack because it can't be caught, you can dodge it however. What I found good about defensive gameplay would have to be the dodge move with quick characters. If someone throws an item ball at you, just avoid it by dodging, the other defensive move I like is the jumping to intercept. If someone throws the ball to someone else you can jump to intercept it, and I found this to be a very useful move.

Now I will start with Hockey. The gameplay I like about Hockey would have to be the scoring part of it. I found it very easy to aim and score, the goalkeeper is easy to avoid for the most part. So this offensive move in Hockey I like, and it goes along with the gameplay part I like about it.

So last but not least Basket ball. I really like the character control for this sport, and the shooting is also well done I thought. Over all it is pretty easy to score, and to prevent scores. I will start with the offensive gameplay. Once you have the ball I found it pretty easy to avoid the other team and get down to the net, once at the net it is pretty simple to score, just press A under the net to dunk. I also found the shots from a far to be a success most of the time, unless the other team does not block it that is. So over all the scoring gameplay was well done. Now on the defense, what I like about the defensive moves would have to be the stealing the ball, if you stand in front of someone, and the ball gets thrown to them you will steal it. I also like the jumping to block shots, I also thought this was pretty much well done. I also found the power shots to be well done in this sport, typically you can score when using them. The items are also pretty much good in this sport, similar to Dodge ball you can turn the ball into an item, when shot they always score unless blocked.

So that's the gameplay for each sport that I like, and found to be the good of them. Now on to the next section. I will put the difficulties of the computer in this section because I like them. I have never played on easy, but I`m assuming it`s really easy. When I first got the game I played on normal and I found it a great difficulty to get started on and get used to the moves of the sports. After you have the ropes of the game down you can start on Hard which I found to be a challenge but not to much so, it`s pretty much just faster paced gameplay and you need to have all the moves down to succeed. I would also recommend at least a few days of experience with the sport before you attempt this. Expert, is simple to talk about because it`s for experts, you have to ensure you have enough experience before you try this I think. You can try it, but you have to be good or you will lose. So overall I like the difficulties on this game, and I find none to be extremely hard.

The bad:

Again I will start with the gameplay and items of each sport, but this time it`s what I dislike. I will start with Volley ball. During gameplay it can be confusing to know who is going to get the ball. I have seen the computer head to the ball, and than just stop and let it hit the ground like you were the one meant to get it (easy score for the other team). On defense blocking the other teams shot by the net can backfire, you must time your block perfectly or the ball will just fly right by you and the other team will score. I have had this happen often when I try to block, so I don`t often take the chance. The items in this sport I found to be annoying, it`s a real pain being hit by a shell when you are trying to get the ball, but I also use it to great effect, so I suppose its a lose win.

Now Hockey. I really dislike the character control for hockey, when you move around I found it hard to go were you want at a good speed. Also the defense in the Hockey I also found not to be very good. It`s very hard to defend your goal and prevent the other team from scoring. I do not recommend standing in front of the goal trying to defend it because it does not work to well. The items I find to be pretty much useless in this sport, even when you have an item power up on your shot, it gets blocked easy. And throwing items does more harm than good because you may hit your own teammate who is typically in the way. I also found the power shots to kind of suck, they tend to be rather useless because they are easy to block.

Now on the Dodge ball, the problem with Dodge ball is that you cant Dodge very well. I must say it does work, but not most of the time, you have to make sure you time your dodge with good timing or you will be hit. And when someone fake throws and fall for it and dodge, your going to get hit about 90% of the time. So I guess that counts as a defensive move that could have been done better(I still do like the move). I also noticed that power characters cant dodge at all, which I found to be strange.

So on to Basket Ball, some times it can be hard to defend the net if you are a medium or power character. Because after you jump up to defend against one shot, you may very well let another in because there is a delay between jumps. I really have nothing bad to say about this sport however, so on to my comments.


If I may, my comments will be positive remarks because I have no negative ones to make. All and all the game was all that I was hoping for, I thought each sport was very well done, and with equal weight. One of the aspects of this game I liked was the tournament mode, I really enjoyed playing through it and unlocking all the different courts for each sport. All the courts in this game I also enjoy, the gimmicks on the courts were very well done I thought, enough to add a twist to the sport, but not altering it to much. I also pretty much like the character selection in the game, althoug...

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