Mario Power Tennis review
Amazing Tennis Game

The good:

- Great opening movie. Great visuals, funny, explains the story nicely.
- An amazing sequel to Mario Tennis on the N64.
- Really great graphics. Very fitting for a GCN game and a nice step up from Mario Tennis on the N64. Very colorful and bright.
- 8 different tournaments to play in. Very cool trophies when you win tournaments.
- The music is very well done. Each song is great and suits the court it is with nicely. Adds to the atmosphere of the court.
- 8 fun minigames to play. Nice little touch to add to the game.
- 18 great characters to play as (4 of which are unlockable). Each is unique and fun to play as.
- 4 levels of CPU difficulty. Great for progressing players and players looking for a challenge.
- 10 great courts to play tennis on. Each court offers a great atmosphere.
- 4 fun play modes: standard (exhibition games), ring shot, item battle, and the new gimmick court. Each is unique and very fun, offering 4 cool ways to play tennis.
- Very addicting and fun tennis game. You will be playing it for many many hours.
- The new power shots provide a different, challenging, and very whacky way to play a normal tennis game. You can do offensive and defensive power shots.
- Ball speed and ball bounce stats for every court. Helps with deciding which is the best court for you to play on.
- The player taunts are very funny and unique for each player.
- Each player has a cool and funny movie for when they win a tournament. Really nice touch.
- You can play singles or doubles tennis; you can make your players left handed or right handed; you can serve, volley, use drop shots, lob shots, smash shots, power charge shots, topspin shots, and slice shots.
- The game uses other Nintendo game elements from games like Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and Smash Bros. Melee.
- The first tennis game to make me feel comfortable at the top of the court. In all the other tennis games I have played, I would keep the camera at the bottom side of the court so I would not be at the top. I like playing at the top in this game.
- Yoshi's defensive power shot allows him to change colors! That's so cool!

The bad:

- They got rid of Birdo, Toad, Baby Mario, and DK Jr. as playable characters. There was no reason to get rid of any of those players. They should have been in this game, as well as maybe Baby Luigi and Dixie Kong. 24 players would have been a little better than 18 players (though 18 are still great).
- Half the players are serve and volleyers, which I hate in tennis video games and in real tennis. I feel that they take the fun out of having long rallies of great tennis. Since I do not like them in tennis video games, I never play against them, which means that many of the 18 players are unused.
- The minigames are very pointless. Though a few of them are fun to play, most are dumb and not fun, or well made.
- The power shots are a fun addition to the game, but they get annoying and slightly cheap quickly. I always have them turned off.
- Tournament mode is fun, but Nintendo really needs to add a Create-A-Tournament mode. I am still waiting for that in the Mario Tennis series.
- Some more unlockables would be really great.
- Some characters really have no purpose being in the game: Wiggler, Petey Piranha, and Fly Guy.
- Some of the players offensive and defensive power shots are not very good or useful.
- 1-2 more levels of CPU difficulty would have been nice. Eventually, you can beat the hardest difficulty easily, so a few harder levels after that would have been great.
- A few more courts would have been great.
- It is almost impossible to hit a real overhead smash winner in this game. This is a big disappointment because I used these shots all the time in Mario Tennis for the N64.
- It's great that Yoshi can change colors, but most of the colors he can change into are so pale and non-appealing to look at. Brighter colors would have been nice. And since he can change colors, why can't we choose his color at character select, as well as some other characters colors (like Shy Guy)?


Mario Power Tennis was first announced in 2002, but did not come out until 2004. I almost thought it might not come out. Though we had to wait for awhile, it was very well worth waiting for.

It is such an amazing tennis game on so many levels: game play, graphics, sound/music, and fun. Though Mario Tennis for the N64 was a really great game, this game is much better. There are so many ways in which you can play a fun, exciting game of tennis. Whether you are playing normal tennis; smacking the ball through point rings; battling it out with the help of items; or playing tennis on courts that move or fight back, you will have so much fun and be playing for hours and hours. Besides these game modes, you can also play unique minigames (if you are ever up for a different scene). If you feel like rising up the rankings and winning trophies, you can try Tournament mode, where you will be taking on many CPU players to win.

So if you feel like playing an amazing game of tennis, with brilliant graphics; many players and courts; and many fun ways to play, then this is the tennis game for you. It is defintely one of the best (if not the very best) tennis game ever made. Near perfect experience. You will have so much fun.

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