Mario Party Advance Cheats

Mario Party Advance cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mario Party Advance cheat codes.


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In Amplifired, stand as close to the bolts as you can without getting shocked and you will get twice as many points as you were suppose to get.
Animal Crossing?
If you unlock Soil Sonar, and go deep enough, you may see two statues. What are they? They are Gyroids, from animal crossing!
Broom Zoom Mini Game
When playing the Broom Zoom mini game you will get more points when you the rider is further on the right of the screen. So for example, when you start the mini games press right on the D-Pad and when you go through the hoops you will get more points than if you didn't press right on the D-Pad. Also your first priority should be to not crash. As you go through more rings your combo will keep increasing, meaning the number of points you get for going through one hoop will keep rising. Keep smashing into boxes and you wont get a combo, therefore not getting as much points.
To see the credits, buy the \"Credits\" Gaddget. Then go to the Gaddget area and selcet it! You can now see the credits!
You should also see them when you beat the game *Hint*
Easy money!
To get easy money, unlock \"Pair \'Em\". Go to the game room and play it, while putting 99 coins everytime. IF you win all rounds, you could win almost 5,000 coins!
Melon Folly Extra Points!
Dashing will add extra points:
Water Melon: 10+20=30 points
Melon: 1,000+1,000=2,000
Melon Mini-game Tip
On the game that has different kinds of fruit and one melon on a board and you have to get them, get the melon last and you will get an extra 1000 points!
Monkeynapping case mystery
In the jungle area on the game board, in the place with the monkey named Akiki. She says that her uncle was kidnapped and the kidnappers left a letter in a code. The code says a bunch of words but some letters are capitalized. That's the key. The code really says I AM AT THE LAKE. Go to the to the lake to find the monkey!
Your passport is a cute little "name tag" of sorts that you make when you start up the game. You create a photo (complete with 7 options), fill in your name, birth month, favorite hobby, and a little comment. There are also two secrets that you are asked to input that are not shown on the general passport screen. They are "What is your biggest dream?" and "What is your silliest secret?".
Starting Points
Mario: Town Area
Luigi: Seaside area
Peach: Jungle area
Yoshi Spooky Area
Thwomp help
For those of you who can't find out the clue for the thwomp misson, the awnser is the door.


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Challenge mode!
To unlock challenge mode in Bowsers land, easy duel, hard duel, and mini game attack you need to have and beaten EVERY mini game in the game. Some like bowsers land only need the kopa mini games, others need so many normal mini games!
Change the background!
Ever wanted to change the background? Just unlock every gaddget and mini game. Buy a poster gaddget, and go to party land. Choose \"Gaddgets\" and then go back to the title screen. It will now be a different background color!
Easy Cheap Cheap
All you have to do is just keep on tapping until the little fish midget is at the left side of the track.(Don't make him go all the way or else you are going to lose.)