Mario Party 7 User Reviews


Lucky number 7!

The good:

One of the better Mario Partys

The Mic (only in Story Mode this time) from Mario Party 6 has returned.

Fun mini-games

Good graphics

New 8-player mode

The bad:

Bowser events happen too much.

What happened to the Mic's own mode?


I've been playing Mario Party game ever since the very first one was released. At the time I got a GameCube Mario Party 4 and 5 were already out. I rented them then not long after Mario Party 6 came out I just got as Christmas present then then same thing happened with Mario Party 7 a little after a month of it's released and I have to say this is one of the better Mario Partys.

Graphics:8/10- The graphics here remain unchanged since Mario Party 4 but that doesn't mean it has bad graphics. If the graphics were improved at least a little bit I would give this section a 9. And I hate it when p...



I decide not to do the "bad" and "good" 'cause i would just be repeating myself right now.

Anyways, The last few Mario Party games didn't exactly "win our hearts" as the one's on the N64 did. It's seems like yesterday when MP5 came out, and now there is a MP7...

Let's start with the minigames. Well, most of the minigames are annoying, simple two button controls like the "Control" stick, and the "A" button. The mingames are also too easy which makes them boring. For example, one minigame requires you to jump and catch musical symbols. Booooooriiiing... And another minigame requires you to j...

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