Mario Party 2 (N64) Cheats

Mario Party 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario Party 2 cheat codes.


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Additional 1 vs 3 Minigame.
In order to get this minigame you have to beat the Minigame Coaster on hard and you have to buy all of the minigames including the item and battle minigames, then go to minigame park and you will get the minigame for 1 vs 3 from the Piranha chasing a butterfly.
Easy Coins
If you need some fast coins then start up a game and set all computer players to hard and set the turns to the lowest it will go. Once the game starts pause it and go to options and set the player you are controlling to be a computer too and make its difficulty hard. Now you can sit back and watch the turns go by and watch the computers rack up the coins. In a short twenty turns the game will be over and it will put the computers coins into your bank and you will have a decent amount of coins for almost no work. If you have more time you can set the game to long to get more coins.
Talk while playing
Press the "L" button on your controller and your player will talk, but it'll only say its form of "yahoo!!!" This only works when on the board, not in mini games.


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an easy way to beat mecha-mathron
just buy a turbo controller you will get about 45 feet
Battle Mini Game Tree

To get the battle mini game tree, you have to beat the mini game mines on Hard Mode. Afterwards, you can buy Battle Mini Games from the big tree.
Get the Item Mini Game Tree
To get the item mini game tree, you have to beat the mini game mines area on Normal Mode. Afterwards, you can buy item mini games from the big tree.