Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Tips

easy final bosses defeating
you can easily defeat the final bosses by using a brother attack in the one-before-the-last of the little koopalines and getting a special item from him.
You got to make the special attack in which mario spins with luigi hanging from him and suddenly leaves him flying through the enemy and luigi hits the enemy. Then you simply push A again for mario jumping to take luigi´s hands again and they spin together over the boss head, taking from him the "Bowser´s Power" or something like that.
When you finish killing him you push select and choose inventory, where you will find it instead of the usual medal you had.
I have found it more useful in Mario than in Luigi.
When you have done it, you will find that Mario(or Luigi otherwise)will weight more and will have more attack points.
When you Battle with anyone from hereby, using the first brother attack you learnt(the brothers only jump between them)you will find Mario can quit them even 100 or more HP!!if you see he doesn´t, just hit the boss with other attacks to make him weaker and after a few rounds try it again. Don´t use with Luigi the first attack, but the one in which you hit Mario as a Ball and you will quit the boss even 80 HP.
Enjoy it!!