Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time review
Awesome game, really stands out.

The good:

Too many to list. Battle system was good, Bros. Items were ingenious, innovative button control, enemies were good and diverse, bosses insanely fun.

The bad:

Storyline has a few holes in it, nothing big


So, M&L: PiT is the newest RPG for the Mario series, and I must admit Alphadream did a bang-up job.

Here's the scoop: There is this alien race called the Shroobs. Their home planet, for some unknown reason is no longer inhabitable. They have been searching for a new home for some time now, and as luck would have it, they choose the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi have come for a visit to Peach's castle. Trouble ensues, however, when the Shroobs attack. The catch is, all of this happens in the past. Meanwhile, in the present, E. Gadd has created a time machine, which Peach immediately uses to go back in time to the past. When the time machine returns, however, a Shrooboid monster pops out! The princess has been kidnapped once again, and it's up to adult Mario and Luigi, along with their baby counterparts to save her.

The controls in this game are some of the most ingenious I've seen. Basically, each character is assigned a button, used for all of their actions. Mario's is A, Luigi's is B, Baby Mario's is X, and Baby Luigi's is Y. These buttons are used for everything from jumping to selecting attacks to using Bros. Items, which makes it nice and simple, IMO. Granted, your fingers may be all over the place when using one of the Bros. Items, but that just adds to the fun.

Badges make a return appearance here, and there are lots of them. Examples are the Dynamic Badge, which increases your item power at a cost of using more items each time, and the Shroom Badge, which increases the amount of health you heal from Mushrooms. The catch is that you can only wear one at a time, so you'll have to make some crucial decisions. There's even a cameo appearance from a certain underling from Superstar Saga, selling Badges at an underground shop. Along the way, you'll also find clothing, which primarily boosts your Defense, though some boost HP and Power as well.

The enemies in this game are diverse. They are mainly Shroobs and variations of Shroobs, but some others exist like Skellokeys and Fly Guys. The bosses are fun, and can take a while to beat, but not to the point where it gets frustrating. In fact, you'll be looking forward to many of them, including the final one.

The only thing wrong with this game is the storyline has a few holes in it, such as if everything's all mayhem in the past, why is the present peaceful if Mario and Luigi haven't beaten the Shroobs yet? It's not a big deal, but it's there. Make of it what you will.

This game is one of the best DS games out there, so you should definitely give it a try. It'll keep you occupied for a good 20-30 hours too, so length isn't really an issue. Add another 5 or 6 hours if you're planning on getting everything. All in all, it's a great game that has lasting appeal.

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