Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time User Reviews


A Travel Through Time

The good:

Being able to play as four characters.
Nice Storyline
Easy-to-use controls
Many enemies/bosses
Many badges and items
Wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy

The bad:

Average Graphics
Repetitive areas


The sequel to Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga features the Mario brothers (And the arrival of their baby counterparts from the past) as they travel back into the past Mushroom Kingdom and try to defeat an evil species called the 'Shroobs'. Mario & Luigi : Partners In Time has a wide arrangement of characters, a nice storyline, a turn-based battle system, as well as a couple of new character arrivals and systems.

In Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time, the storyline is pretty similar to the average Mario game, with several twists to it. This time, Peach doesn't get kidnapped by Bowser; the Prince...


Awesome game, really stands out.

The good:

Too many to list. Battle system was good, Bros. Items were ingenious, innovative button control, enemies were good and diverse, bosses insanely fun.

The bad:

Storyline has a few holes in it, nothing big


So, M&L: PiT is the newest RPG for the Mario series, and I must admit Alphadream did a bang-up job.

Here's the scoop: There is this alien race called the Shroobs. Their home planet, for some unknown reason is no longer inhabitable. They have been searching for a new home for some time now, and as luck would have it, they choose the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi have come for a visit to Peach's castle. Trouble ensues, however, when the Shroobs attack. The catch is, all of this happens in the past. Meanwhile, in the present, E. Gadd has created a time machine, which Pe...

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