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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time cheat codes.


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Are those baddies annoying you? No problem!
Tired of those annoying baddies attacking you again and again and again and again and again and again and... Well... You get the point...
Well, you can keep the baddies from even attacking you to start a battle, better yet, you can walk right passed them without starting a battle. here are the requirments:
  • Hammers for the babies.
  • You have to be the babies alone, no older versions.
    Ok, this is what you do, you use the spinny thing with your hammers when your the babies and you'll go underground. With this cheat, you can walk around underground without them noticing, and, you can walk right passed them, under them, anything you want, when your underground without starting a battle. This helped me a lot, hopefully it'll help you.
  • avoiding a fight
    You can avoid engaging in a fight in two ways one is to use just the babies and dig underground and you can avoid any enemy also if you have to adults and babies you can go right up against the wall as close as you can get and they wont be able to attack you.
    Avoiding Shroid Attacks
    When fighting Shroids in Toad Town, they will attack Mario or Luigi depending on if the colour flag they hold or whatever letter is on the giant spiked ball they throw (M or L). If you counter the giant spiked ball, the Shroid will have electricity start moving around him. When this happens, the Shroid's attacks will be opposite, so when it looks like it is going to attack Mario, it will attack Luigi. When it looks like it will attack Luigi, it will attack Mario.
    Babys can fly now!
    When being Mario or Luigi use the flying move fly into the baby's and they shall fly for a short bit!
    Beat Elder Princess Shroob Phase 2 easily
    If you don\'t know, Phase 2 is when she turns into an Octopus like creature. First go for her feet, when you destroy them the Princess will lower. Then attack the crown. Now you can hurt the Princess. Use Bros items like Cannonballer, Copy Flowers or Mix Flowers to pick up the win easily. If she recovers, just repeat this strategy until you beat her. Good Luck!
    cant hit flying enemies?
    When facing flying enemys,use the ice,fire balls (unless you have cannons or trampolines) and press x and y to fire theballs high in the air to hit the flying enemys
    When trying to defeat this catepiller, don't hit him when he is red. Hit the mushroom to put the grey poison mushroom in his drink. When he turns green, you can attack. Be careful of putting in red mushroom as it recharges the catepillar.
    Commander Shroob & Giant Bob-omb Battle
    When this battle starts, Commander Shroob will bring out three Shroobs carrying a giant Bob-omb. Defeat the two Shroobs in the back and the giant Bob-omb will roll backwards and explode. This will make Commander Shroob come out. Once he is out, attack him.
    Defeat all 3 Princess Shroobs using the Trampolines!
    Ok. You must have lotsa Trampolines, cuz I kicked the younger and elder Princess Shroob's butt with them. When fighting the young Princess Shroob, use the Trampoline. You gotta be fast and watch which Bro. is coming. Then when that lame-o shield is off use the Trampolines again to hit her a lot. If you're a pro at using the Trampolines then you'll be hitting her for a lot of time until you beat her. When fighting the elder Princess shroob in her normal form, do the same Trampoline strategy. Until you kick her butt too. Now, when fighting the elder Princess Shroob in her octopus-like transformation, use the Trampolines to hit all parts of her body at once! If you take out her feets, use the Trampolines to hit the hands, head and crown to weaken her even more, so she doesn't hit you with her arms. Follow this and you'll kick her booties and you'll be ending the game! You still haven't finish it you know. There's still one more and it's Shrowser! Good luck, it says how to beat all 3 but not 4 hehehe. You'll find out how to beat Shrowser...

    Remember!: Have lots of Trampolines or Chain Chomps or other thing that lasts forever until you fail (like Trampolines, Chain Chomps, Cannons and other stuff instead of Fire Flowers or similar to those)

    Other tip: You can also use the Mix Flower to do that big fire ball to hit her, but trust me it won't be a big of a deal against her...
    Defeating Mrs. Thwomp
    Defeating Mrs. Thwomp can take a while. You will
    need your strongest item, mushrooms, and 1 up mushrooms.

    Mrs. Thwomp will spit rocks, create shockwaves, and split up. When you damage her enough, she will split into 4 mini versions. Look for which eye brow raises. That is where they will go. Study Mrs thwomp ahead of time and attack the most alike one. Repeat this until she is defeated.
    Defeating sunnycide.
    There are five eggs in front of sunnycide. Ignore sunnycide and go for the eggs. Attack an egg untill it hatches then a yoshi will come out and start pushing a boulder on a ledge high above. Hatch five eggs while avoiding sunnycide's attacks, and the yoshis will launch the boulder at sunnycide and knock him down. He is now vulnerable. Attack him with anything you have while avoiding his attacks until he stands back up. Repeat this process until he has been defeated.
    easier jumps
    to jump easier, whether it's dodging or just plain jumping, push A and B at the same time, or if you are the babies, X and Y at the same time
    easy 1-up mushrooms
    first of all you need to have are some smash eggs and get in a battle.on your turn use the smash eggs.then keep the egg in the air until it breaks open,and then if your lucky a 1-up will pop out of the egg!
    Easy Way to Defeat Some Bosses
    Some bosses can have their defence lowered using an Ice Flower. When fighting a boss or harder enemy, try using an Ice Flower against them to lower their defence. If their defence lowers, use an attack item like Trampolines, Copy Flowers, or Pocket Chomps to try to do high amounts of damage.

    Also, after lowering an enemies defence, eating Red Peppers can also be helpful to do even more damage.
    Enemy Stunning
    Use the Baby Drill Move, then go underneath the enemy of your choice while underground. While underneath the enemy, pop out of the ground. The enemy will pop up into the air and twirl. While in the air, run away from the enemy that way it doesn't fall on to you. When it hits the ground, it will sit there and shake, so it is now stunned. Initiate the battle how you like. This really only works on enemies that don't fly.
    Exsposing a Granrantula Mob in one move
    If you have even just one Fire Flower, use it on a mob of Granrantula, then you can tell if you can jump on them if you can, go for it it will deal alot more damage if not keep hammering away!
    First strike to Love/Soul bubble
    These Love/soul bubbles seems to be first-strikers everytime, but they are not.
    When they aim for you, stay away, and when they hit the ground, press start. If done correctly, they´ll spin there forever, and then jump on them, then you´ll be the first.
    Giant Piranha
    When you get to the bottom of the Koopaseum, make sure to load up on a lot of fire brother items in the secret shop. Use the move where Mario shoots out water on the flames then use his hammer on the crack on the wall to enter the secret shop. After you get to the Giant Pirahna, use the fire brother items on it and it'll do about 50 to 90 damage.
    Having A Hard Time Leveling Up?
    At shop and look for EXP badages.Then equip them to the person you want to level up.Then after a battle that person will get extra EXP!!!
    How to beat the living crap outta that crap head princess shroob (old fart form)
    First u fight her first form which is pretty small now as far as i can remember peach helps u a bit at the beginning. Then once u beat shroob's first form she will grow into a massive oversized freakazoid!
    Her attacks are as follows:
    1.She calls in her asses which are spaceships to destroy u, what shroob does is she fires a red ball of lazer stuff from out of her mouth. Now this bit is importand and if u crap up u didnt listen u spaz!!! Right then once the UFOs are hit they will either go on fire or start letting out sparks. After a few seconds they will fall, now the electric ones fall on luigi and the fire ones attack mario! Use ur hammers for defence!
    2.She will attack u with her incredibly long and manky arms with manky nails (claws) on the end.
    IMPORTAND IF U CRAP UP U R A EVEN MORE SPAZ!!:now if she shines her left claw that means shes gonna attack mario!!! Now if she flashes her right claw she will attack luigi!!
    3.Now after all these (sometimes) she will spread out these really really really weirld stupid manky arms from her legs which will spin round and u must jump not at the same time but one at a time (e.g. if her freaky arms are going anti clockwise make mario jumps first den luigi!)
    4. this is the second last attack on this list!!
    she will make this really big ball of purple lazer stuff from her mouth she will lift it up into the air and add red and green lazer balls to it to make it bigger!!!
    IMPORTAND!!!!Pay attention to the balls of red and green lazer cause this tells u wat order to use hammers in!!! as u guessed the green is luigi and the red is mario!!! Hit the giant lazer ball with ur hammers till it bounces back and hit shrooby in the face!!! 5.This is the last attack of my list.
    Shrooby will sent out purple clouds out of her mouth which u must jump ova or u will face poison or loss of heath!

    Now for attack stragedies:
    1. U could use bro flowers and press the babies'buttons and throw them all over her body except the lower body. once u get rid of her arms attack the legs with the same wepond but use the adult's buttons to attack he legs once he legs are down jump on he crown which will give u a huge and i mean huge advantage because u can deal alot of damage to her head insted of just one damage to her head. once shes up on her legs and with her arms out u can just keep attacking her head until she dies.
    2. the old fashion way of killing bosses using rubbish hammers and rubbish jumping skills to defeat the boss which will take about 2 hours.

    Now u know how to kill the Elder over weight shroob princess!!!

    Happy shroob killing

    Infinite Light
    When in the rooms where you have to hit the shine sprite to get light, when the light is fading. Press start, it should be dull but the light will never go away and this would be enough to let you move around freely.
    Kamek battle
    during the boss battle with kamek he will multiply himself. To easily figure out which one is him, while he is on the ground, use the ice flower. He will start flashing different colors. Now, he will multiply, but he will still flash! This will go on for between 1-5 turns.
    More Health
    If you get any Mushroom drops and all your characters are low on health, use it and all their health is regained!
    No mercy
    While fighting Elasto Piranahs, always attack from the top where it's vulnerable. Attacking from the side will only do one point of damage.
    Prince Peasley Cameo
    This more of an easter egg then a cheat. If you go to the shop in Peach's Castle you can see a poster with Prince Peasley in the back.
    Prince Peasley In The Wrong Game!
    Go to the shop ( the one just right of the throne room) then look on the wall there should be a poster of Prince Peasley from Mario and Luigi Superstar saga.
    Recovering health while battling!
    Make sure you have many green shells for this cheat!
    Put on the badge Drain badge. Now go into battle use the green shells every time you hit them with the shell you will get an extra 1 HP!
    Shroob Princess 1,2 and Bowser
    The first Shroob princess uses a machine! (cheap.) Once you take out the sheild, you just beat the crap out of her. Machine attacks: circle lasers, you just jump. Then it comes down on you. If you hear her scream she will stop above you. Lasers (normal) If it points up don't jump vise versa. Magic Attacks: Star, it just keeps going so jump on it when it's slow. Other attacks are obvious.Attack and attack then she'll grow. Attack the feet then the crown, then the head until she dies. Bowser doesn't let you attack so you dodge until the shroob priccess spirit dies.
    Some Boss Weakness tips
    When you fight that annoying Plant, remember- he's a PLANT. Use fire flowers- they ALWAYS deal critical damage, which is around 70 points of damage everytime! Same goes for some other bosses. The one guy with the giant bomb is weak against Ice Flowers. Same with the boss after him. Ice Flowers, so stock up. Another tip for the bomb guy: when he's on the ground face flat, use Red Shells. They seem to do more damage. Hope this helps!
    Sunnycide Battle
    Sunnycide has very high defence. Rather than attacking him to start, try breaking 5 eggs in the battle. Breaking the eggs make Yoshi's come out to roll a stone at Sunnycide. Once Sunnycide gets hit by the stone, he will fall over and his defence greatly decreases. When he has fallen over though, he can still attack with 2 different attacks.
    Twin Princess Shroob!!
    When you fight the twin princess shroob, use the MIX FLOWERS!!! If you use the mix flowers, you will do lots of damage (depending on how many times you put fire into the mix flower)to her whole body. When she goes into octopuss form, the mix flowers will get everything exept the crown, and when you destroy the crown, the mix flowers will do serious damage, usually over 200 damage!!
    Ultimate BADGE
    once u get 90 beans go 2 under the sewers(the place where the blue pipe appeared in Peaches castle) purchase the Ulti Free Badge it gives u unlimited supply of bro items :-}
    Ultimate Monster Attack
    Once you have the Ulti-Free Badge the best way to lvl up is:

    I-Have Mario's Speed (or whoever you equiped the badge to) the highest so he goes first.
    II-Have one mix flower item.
    III-If you use it and do good you should kill every single monster any stage below you. Which is good for training.
    Vim Factory Boss
    The best way to defeat the worm boss in the Vim Factory is to look at the shroob things. If they have a skull mushroom hit them and it will fall into the worms drink. When he sips it he will become sick. If you hit him when he is sick you deal a lot of damage. NOTE: If you hit the shroobs when they have the red mushroom, the worm will regain a lot of health.


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    Coin Cheat!
    when u enter the volcano after defeting mrs. thwomp make your why down 2 the 2ed floor.Then find a stop were u throw the babys in a pipe 2 hit the switch. make the switch go down with mario and luigi and there should be a pipe block.Hit the block 2 bring the babys 2 you.Then go 2 the right and there should be a tornado in the are. use the tornado with mario and luigi and hit the babys so they use it.Then go 2 the tornado and move to the right.there should be a Alot of coins.Get as many coins as you can then become mario and luigi and go 2 the right 2 were the pipe block is. hit the block again and keep goin back 2 the coins over and over again 2 get alot of coins!
    Fan Meter never runs out
    In any area where you have to keep spinning a cog to keep a fan going, just spin it once and go to a place where you can't see the meter. As long as the meter is not visible onscreen, it will never run out.
    Infinite number of coins in Thwomp Volcano
    Inside the Thwomp Volcano, there are two tall rooms where you must use the Baby Spin move to fly down while gathering coins. Grab all the coins you can get, then switch to adult Mario and Luigi to go into the previous room and use the warp pipe to bring back the babies. Use the Baby Spin move again in the next room - all the coins will still be there, allowing you to do this numerous times to gain as much coins as you want.