Mario Kart Wii review
Mario Kart Wii, really the best?

The good:

  • Some interesting New characters.
  • Great New tracks.
  • New items doubles the fun!
  • Even more fun with online play.
  • Even more karts!
  • Wii Wheel works well.
  • New feature is that you can ride bikes.
  • Great battle mode.

    The bad:

  • They took out two people per kart.
  • Wi-Fi is quite laggy.
  • One player can get quite boring, its better when racing with friends.


    This is the new Mario Kart we've all been waiting for but is it really that good as expected? Sure it looks good but to me it wasn't as great as expected to be perfectly honest.

    The new items are great; some examples are the mega mushroom and the pow block. The mega mushroom makes you huge and if you simply bump into someone they will be flattened and also your speed is increased. The pow block shakes the ground for your opponents and then sends them spinning.

    Yes there are even more new characters. They were quite easy to get in this game... well the majority for me, but some of them were very hard to get and for me it was almost impossible. I think it was hard because in most of them you had to get a gold star for each race. To do this you need to try not to bump into anything or hit anything and you have to come first. In every race, the blue shell makes its mark on you without fail. One hit from this and you are sent flying out of first place into the lower ranks. Also, if you simply slip on a banana peal the opponents will easily catch up.

    I love online play on this game but it can be quite laggy. Like sometimes when you're racing it seems as some people just appear in front of you. The lag has died down a bit for me though.

    I love the new tracks, especially rainbow road. They're quite challenging and they are fun to race on. It's not so fun in one player but when playing with friends it's great.

    I used to play the Mario Kart games rarely since I'd only play with friends but now we have online play I'm on there all the time. It's great to just call up your friends and set up a match online. It's much easier to verse friends now. This is one of the best features in the game.

    This game is jam packed with new karts. Each kart is unique. I usually stick to the standard bikes/karts but the new ones are just amazing. Some new karts/bikes are the bowser bike and for a kart I'd say the pirahna kart.

    I was amazed at how the wii wheel worked out. I have no complaints about it; it's just great. It's easy too get used to and makes the game even more fun.

    The best new feature of this game is the ability to ride bikes. They're just so fun to use and even faster than the karts. It makes this Mario Kart feel like a new game.

    I was really sad that they left out the feature to have two people in a kart. My sister and I would always go on Double Dash together and race. It was really fun but we were both disappointed to find it wasn't in this version.

    One player in this game was really boring and quite annoying. The computer would always get a blue shell every time you're in first place and it's annoying and unfair. The saddest part is that you rarely get a blue shell but they always get one.

    The controls are quite easy in this game with the wii wheel. B button to drift, control pad to use an item, A too look behind and 2 to accelerate. Also if you flick the wii wheel up you can perform stunts. Stunts can be done while in mid-air, by flicking the wii wheel up you'll do a stunt and when you land you get a boost. You can get around corners by drifting, when you're about to turn a corner use the b button, it makes it easier.

    In the battle mode there are two types of battle. There's coin and balloon. In the coin battle mode you must both try to get the most coins. Basically whoever has the most coins wins. In the balloon battle it's everyone has 3 balloons you must make them lose their balloons by hitting them with items. It's a great mode for multiplayer.

    Okay, overall this is a great game but not the best of the Mario Kart series. They have some really great new ideas and new great items but the items are spammed a bit. I'd suggest everyone to get it because it's still a great game.

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